Anyone know someone reliable who can put a new charging/Lightning port on an iPhone 7, without charging an arm and a leg?

Ugh, even my carefully curated and filtered :birdsite: timeline has too much US content on it at the moment.

Here seems like a better place.


@liamvhogan How could anyone even be on a production team without knowing, or at least questioning the symbols? I'd suspect "let's see what we can get away with."

@InvaderXan @futzle I feel old. Not because of the result, but because of the 41+ bracket.

The moral of this story is that a crappy, barely usable spare phone (dragged down by the contact tracing app) can make a fucking amazing access point.

ADSL *may* be back tomorrow, until we get our NBN, possibly late November.

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For anyone who needs to know it, I've had major issues tethering non-Apple kit to my iPhone during our continuing Internet outages. And also 50% issues getting the Macbook to connect, too.

Today I realised that the 'RonaPhone - my backup cheap'n'nasty Android phone can also hotspot. It's on another data plan (I have two redundant carriers) but I was getting up to 2.5Mbps updating my Ubuntu laptop whilst running Windows updates on another machine.

@daedalus And done. Not bad for a 4G connection, which it was sharing with a firmware update for my Windows laptop.

@daedalus Ah, cool - I just ran the software updater (after knocking out the line in sources.list that was breaking it) and it's actually asked me if I want to update. So here I go!

@daedalus Thanks, will get onto it! Is there something I should do in the GUI, or is it a command line jobbie? I've not done a laptop in ages.

@daedalus Is 20.04 LTS? So I should do my laptop? (I'm not using it today, so might as well, if so).

selfie, (red) eye contact 

24 hours post-surgery. A bit red, no longer particularly sore or itchy. Gunky, but vision otherwise good.

Which reminds me that it's time for (yet more) eyedrops.

Selfie, (one) eye contact. 

@wobin There's gunk, but in community car on the way home, and things are looking amazing.

Selfie, (one) eye contact. 

In recovery, and feeling pretty good about things.

Learnt something surprising about myself, in that I'd rather be aware than knocked out.

alcohol, small business 

Just ordered some absinthe and gin, and got a personal email from the distiller, explaining why the regular verte isn't available - he's waiting for a couple of the botanicals to grow! This makes me feel incredibly good about the whole process.

I'm all for supporting local products when they're on a par with the international leaders, don't cost any more, and actually talk to me. This is How Things Should Be.

No, YOU just dropped over 100 bucks on chocolate.

But I now get to have free time in Adelaide (if I get there at all) so infrequently that a visit to Haigh's is pretty much mandatory.

Especially if I want to be allowed back in the house when I get home.

I've been on a tram! I love trams! Apartment really nice, it's almost like being on holiday.

The bus shook, and hit send before I had finished.

Anti-anxiety strategy: fry my brain with 5 different languages. Unfortunately, bus noise isn't making it easy to hear. Couple that with fast speakers, and it ain't easy.

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You, an intellectual: Actually it’s not called “Calvary”, its real name is “Golgotha”.

Me: Weird hill to die on, but okay.

From RotationlSymtry on :birdsite:

@stibbons Apparently I used to hang onto a chair arm and bounce up and down to La Boutique Fantasque. Which, a lifetime later, still Does Things to me. I think it was my gateway drug to all things La Belle Époque. Speaking of which, I should order absinthe for my birthday.

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