Just did something I couldn't have done a month ago - run an idea past a colleague before committing to it. Having colleagues can be handy.

@Posty And then the courts ruled that it's OK to use the term about a PM (Abbott).


@futzle There is SO MUCH that would have been better standardised.

Seriously, I have work right now, I am comissioning the artist who did my original avi to do an update. And she is totally on board with this and SQUEE!

@bestthingsbot So much! The artist that did my :birdsite: avi is keen to do an update.

But the big thing was connecting with my (new) team. Talking to wonderful people with shared values - priceless.

@purserj Last sentence truncated? "...going to reduce people with disabilities to"


@futzle Ah, right, so people with addresses in your domain, but not from your systems, sorry, being a bit slow here. I really need to slip Nathan (is it Nathan?) some $$$, his service has been excellent.


@futzle are you at liberty to say how passwords could have been leaked? Because hashing, etc.

@liamvhogan This makes sense to me. They all fall into my vague definition of horror, which totally reflects my attitude to boats. 4.5 hours on a cross channel ferry had me at my wits end, which is why I preferred night sailings - on a boat, but asleep. How people can do cruises, I just can't comprehend. I'd just have to come off the meds and be permanently drunk. *shudders*

@purserj We'll wait :-) Been appreciating them so far. Rarely look at blogs and I think what distinguishes your posts is that they get to the point, where most of what I've looked at is TL;DR. I can only handle so much cognitive load, which is why I'm either on here, Twitter, or the Grauniad live blog.

Work + 

...in like 15 years. Obviously shows I don't need human contact beyond text, but it's nice to have it in limited, manageable amounts.

Even if I will have to hit the seroquel afterwards.

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Work + 

Working through the weekend, but have definite end of week feels. Just had confirmation of a meeting in just under an hour (mid morning, Berlin time), just gives me time to make my partner's dinner, and eat the asparagus. Make myself a fishy cheesey omelette afterwards.

Sure is nice having colleagues again, and with a video call nearly every week (2 this week) it's the most contact I've had with people outside of the house/shopping/medical...

Work + 

Ah, I like questions like that. Our UX person just asked if my dictionary lookup utility can be used to change image alt text. Why yes, it can! It can even change text in JavaScript if you want.

And the dictionary lookups are in RAM, so FAST.

Ha, is it any wonder I get on well with my boss? Over on :birdsite:, calling Jeff Bozo a dick.


And WTF thought 3 hours is a good TTL for an A record? Obviously never had to do an emergency host swap.

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