@zens Indeed, saw you this morning! The timeline there is quite civilised. Every now and then, I host for a week, and try to curate the following - turning off RTs, and unfollowing broadcast/big accounts, and those that don't follow back/seem relevant.

Might be a bit quiet this week. I'm admin of the WeRWorld Twitter RoCur, and spending Birthday Week on-deck.



@raeaw A good dozen years ago, I was using a caldav/carddav service which ate all of my contacts, across nearly all of my devices. So I feel you.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

Of all the wonderful things that could happen, I appear to have un-buggered the DB issue at the seminary. (They're launching in a week, so ultra-urgent.)

@futzle Oh that's now, is it? I knew there was an issue, but thought it had been and gone.

✅ Feed horse
✅ Load dishwasher
✅ Sink hand-washing up
✅ Wash pans
✅ Wash large dog rug
✅ Wash towels
✅ Vaccinate 3 oldest dogs for parvovirus 💉 (This is vastly easier and cheaper than getting them to the vet, where they could actually pick up the virus.)
✅ Debug DB conversion process for the Orthodox theological seminary (my side-hustle.)

Goodnight, folks. I've got to the point of celebrating birthday-eve, in addition to the week after. Tomorrow I hit 54. I know some people stop counting but, with my health issues, every next year is a bonus!

Anyone who feels the want to raise a glass or cup (I am a huge tea drinker) tomorrow, come in and join the jam!

firearms, death 

@clacke My question is why can't they use a toy gun, and add SFX/VFX digitally? Or WTF do they need a real gun on set?

@loke Uh, I don't think MSFT could make it more sucky if they tried. But thanks, that's handy if I should need to wipe and reinstall my Win10 refurb laptop. Thankfully, for work purposes, all the Windows is EC2, rather than physical (apart from said laptop.)

@loke Windows media creation tool? Why can't you just download an image and dd it onto the stick?

And sympathies. I had to test-deploy something to a Windows server today, and it was PAINFUL. That's my boss's privilege: get me to do the shitty stuff whilst he sticks firmly on Linux.

@virtualwolf @screenbeard Guess it depends on the audience. As a social media consumer, If I have to link out of the app, I probably won't read it.

How do *you* write longer threads on Mastodon?

You could always reply to the first post at the top, or keep replying to the most recent post in the chain. I'm not sure if either is better.

Boosts welcome.

@rogbeer 24 hours after jab (bear in mind this is my first Pfizer, previous AZ) basically all the things I've got that can flare up, have. So mostly fibromyalgia, muscle spasm/weakness. Eyes very gunky.

So, not pleasant, but not incapacitating (so far.)


Was just told last night that a very kind, good-humoured person who was an integral part of the Aussie Twitter community (at least, the community I am part of) passed away in his sleep on Wednesday.

Shocked, devastated, struggling to process. I knew he had health issues, but nothing like that.

Farewell, Nick.

COVID adjacent, John Lydon 

@quoll If you really want to be blown away, the 22 remix is the absolute fucking biz.

I think I was given a CD of Leftism by a friend, taped it, then had it on in the car, on a holiday in France. Very special to me.

Loading the freezers at the other end was another matter. Like hobbit children, raising eight Labradors takes a lot of provender.

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Dog meat day. Which entails me going to the freight depot, and lugging a bunch of 20kg boxes off a pallet, and into the car. I was down to the last two boxes, when the boss materialised on a forklift, and moved the pallet to the car, so the last two boxes were a straight transfer. I gave a hearty Thank You! and got a have a great weekend back. It sort of restored my faith in humanity, and made a spoon-sapping process almost enjoyable.

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