@welshpixie I like this. Learning a skill with an aim seems so much better than just doing it for its own sake.

@mike @pelagikat The important thing is that you are now in the loop. Which is brilliant! I am so happy that you have reached this point!

@purple Great to see someone generating heat doing something USEFUL!

@prehensile @phocks @g1comics The Domestika course uses epoxy, which makes me think it's in my reach. Also they tell you to go out and buy cheap crocks, specifically to break.

@pelagikat I curse my acrophobia that prevents me from watching them. And yes, I am THAT bad.

@prehensile @g1comics Reminds me that I've got a broken ornamental plate that got woofed off the shelf. (Literally. 8 Labradors going at it set up enough vibration to do that.)

I have a Domestika course that I have yet to start on that Japanese thing where you repair china with gold-laden glue. Begins with K.

Anyway, must get onto that.

@cefiar @futzle If they are in vehicle, I wonder why they don't make them USB chargeable. That's assuming that the batteries can't be replaced.

@futzle Oh, so it's not a toll booth arrangement? I've only seen toll systems in France, like 25 years ago.

@futzle Batteries sounds like a not very good solution. Longer range NFC, reader powered.

@cos It is a long time since I had a pie. But tomorrow is one of those rare times that I will be in the city (like 2 - 3 times a year, since COVID buggered things up) as I have to see my eye surgeon. Assuming it's the regular health bus driver, she likes to pick me up just down the road, by a place that may well sell pies! Or possibly not, it's more Italian aligned.


Recommended as next up after Hante.

With whom they have toured, and seem to be the best of friends.

And both on the Synth Religion label.

One more track, then I have to call the ATO :-/

Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

"Online friends aren't real friends." 

Just had a friend (have met in meatspace) that I was there for during a horrible relationship breakup last spring (sheesh, that guy was a serious See You Next Tuesday, especially for the way he covered it up) DM me on Twitter to check in on me, because she hadn't spotted me around recently.

To those people that say that online friends aren't real friends: just fuck you, and don't you think that if that's not your experience, then the problem might be you?

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