Today is the last day of my spinning course 😭 It's been one of the best things I've done. The Guild run a certificate course which takes 18 months (one class per month), although the next intake won't be until April so I have a while to think about it.

duolingo opinion 

duolingo opinion 

I love deadlines, especially when they are today. So I’ve got until 23:59:59…

Time to put the kettle on.

@zensaiyuki Certainly a clean-up. Output files have fixed, previously unique, names and code is appending. Works a lot better when I unlink them if they exist, before going any further.

@urbanfuzzy Found another one today. So much revision of code too, so many new places errors can occur…

*headdesk* Of course that’s happening. You’re APPENDING to the file, not creating from scratch. Twit.

For some reason, I take a certain satisfaction in finding defects in code that I have written that is in production, but nobody has ever noticed.

Today’s musical serendipity was diving into the album Widow’s Weeds by Tristania. Would call this an “associated act” of Sirenia, as there is some cross-over of personnel (and style.)

Østen Bergøy’s vocals on Angellore suggest to me that someone’s been listening to Andrew Eldritch.

Can't you see
Tell me why
You still linger in a world of strife
Your heart bleeds
You're dead inside
Love to you is like cyanide

Trying to find some, any, motivation to work - beyond having a deadline, getting paid, etc. Just. So. Wiped. Out.

Not sure if it’s exercise-related; think I’m now in a stable relationship with seroquel, so don’t think it’s that.

Trying to motivate myself with Goth Metal in the form of Sirenia*. There is always the risk of developing an artistic inferiority complex from the sheer talent of Morten Veland.

* Emmanuelle Zoldan vocals.

@Posty Cash, like faxes and polio should never have made it into the C21st.

Of the things that seem to be improving since my recent medical incidents, it looks like my hair has started growing again. Oh, still with the receded hairline, but length-wise. Yeah, it’s great to get cognitive function back (and then some,) but if I can have long hair again, I can totally rock the middle-aged Goth Metal look.

More the skeleton body electric violin (which I have) than the flying-V guitar (which is the sign of a middle-aged crisis.)

@screenbeard @Tarale @koosli FFS, I’ve only got to unsolder one wire, to swap out the faulty preamp, and I’ve had the replacement since March. Hello, executive dysfunction :-/

Anyhows, it sounds amazeballs through a distortion pedal, then chorus.

@Tarale @screenbeard @koosli Let’s say that I could be interested. I’ve been listening very carefully to some of Luomuhappo’s stuff of late. His genre is Spugadelic, which is a sub-genre of Suomisaundi (which is the Finnish take on Goa Trance,) with folk influences, and quite a lot of acoustic stuff in the mix. It’s been making me think mandoliny thoughts. And same tuning as the electric fiddle WHICH I REALLY NEED TO FIX.

Hoorah, after a bad-brain day yesterday (until I hit the benzos) I seem to be OK today, if horribly tired, and just remembered about Schwartzian transforms which is totally what I need to get what I’m doing working.

@Tarale @screenbeard Ooh, that’s a nice one! I’d like to have a mandolin again, but electric. (Using the same type of bug as an electric violin.)

Ooh, I’m getting vaguely interesting stuff assigned to me. Actually, having spent a long time freelancing, just getting stuff assigned (and paid for doing it on the nail) is a Good Thing™

@zensaiyuki Yeah, .length, not .length() which I get wrong EVERY DAMN TIME. Related: I’m finally starting to make sense of node’s error messages.

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