@bestthingsbot Having a brief exchange on :birdsite: in Vlaams. Call it Dutch if you will, but I was talking to someone in Belgium. So yah.

@halcy Yes, and I also know cranial and caudal (assuming one has a tail) but appreciate that anatomical terminology might be a bit niche.

(If your proximal and distal aren't anatomical, I'd be interested to know the context.)

Hey I need to write docs for a procedure and this has me wondering how commonly certain words are known so:

Do you know what the words "Distal" and "Proximal" mean without looking it up?

(boosts welcome)

@urbanfuzzy Aye, that it is. Just hope that, if anything breaks, it’s indoor stuff. 58% humidity is not pleasant. Glad that I’ve got mowing the weeds (literally) and dog-brushing out of the way.

@urbanfuzzy Myalgia, heavy limbs, stiffness, and finding all the overnight mails from LinkedIn are people trying to sell me shit who couldn’t even bother to read my profile.

But no technical disasters.


@bestthingsbot Talking to a greeengrocer and fishmonger. As a cook, I have got to speak to the people in my food stream.

@Juju @urbanfuzzy @Roceal Just to explain my thinking here to see if it makes sense: Document 1 is a text file, in English, which will form the English version. Names are per PLAYER1, and to be left alone.

The names are a CSV of two columns: column 1 is the PLAYER1 bit, second column is the appropriate local name.

You just need to have as many translated names as are used in the original document.

@Roceal @urbanfuzzy (Sorry, not teaching Granny to suck eggs, just thinking aloud.)

@Roceal @urbanfuzzy Jep, the latter. And can be regional, too. en-au != en-us != en-gb
If you create the original document with place-markers like PLAYER1, PLAYER2, a translator's job is made simple by retaining these, then you can have a simple script apply from a local substitution list.

@urbanfuzzy I'm thinking my way through how I was looking at translations for a sex workers' directory (run by sex workers) where the first translation language was Chinese - I can only see a pan-gender, pan-localisation solution with common names as coming back to bite you, and horribly so.

@urbanfuzzy ...name for British monarchs. You could call players X, Y, Z - impersonal, and not helpful as soon as you hit Arabic, Russian, Korean... But to source a global list of gender-neutral names that is universally safe, I'd deem impractical. What I have suggested, with review from a local, should do the job, and keep you out of trouble.

@urbanfuzzy OK, I'm calling it. Asking myself "what could go wrong," far too much. I would advise against trying to make a list that works across languages. I would see the translation process as consisting of two parts: doing the translation with place-markers for names, then producing a list of gender-neutral names for the target language, which can be substituted with a list for a specific locality. Donald Duck isn't called that everywhere, and there is a reason why John is not a common...

@urbanfuzzy Actually having a bit of an argument with myself on this - let me think it over and come to an internal consensus.

@urbanfuzzy Yeah, I was thinking about that. Alice, Bob, and May Your Mother Turn Into A Rabid Goat.

Wish the :birdsite: subsitution worked with :birdshite:

OK, it would amuse me, anyway.

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