@pelagikat Ooh, hand-turned! That's a quantum level better than made on a CNC lathe in China.

@pelagikat I saw it and thought crikey, I haven't seen one of those for a long time! My mother had one, but I never saw here do any darning.

@TechnicalKO Haven't fired the Windows one up recently, either. Which, as soon as I've got the new focus adjuster on the big laser fitted, I will need to do.

@engtao Still reminds me of Tangerine Dream, though. Still haven't figured which of their albums Schulze was involved in.

@space_cadet After the baby formula scandal, wouldn't touch their shit. Yes, they're evil.

@space_cadet Yeah, chocolate's one of those things when it's morally safest to go for fair trade, or similar. Trying to remember what Aldi's is - not fair trade, but something close.

@TechnicalKO I just make do with Spud Lite (comes from Virginia, I think). Doesn't insulin-spike me like most spuds.

Cheap Chinese pump running the outside taps and stuff doesn't like running for long periods - keeps going into thermal shutdown. Would be nice if I could bypass the protection, but what's the chance it's embedded in the motor winding?

Moving it to house duty, and biting the bullet and replacing it with a $400 Davey.

@matt I had no idea that it was still a thing! Thought it had gone the way of old friends like Webcrawler.

@TechnicalKO @ericireland Can't get tommies OR mullet right now. I have some frozen (picking substitution c/o Woolies) basa - Vietnamese fish, fatty, gonna give it a go.


Started off with my feet - the old problem come back, for no good reason. Then from my bad shoulder, radiating down to the outer edge of the hand. Now my hip (lower back shit, per CT scan).

So having more wine, plus tramadol.

@TechnicalKO @ericireland *tries to remember what being 42 was like* Actually, that was 11 years ago, which coincides with early chronic health shit, so hello from 53, finally found balance between the 3 major OS's, I need pickled fish, and my feet hurt.

Srsly, I've been working with various flavours of UN*X since *counts* 1986, so more than happy to answer any questions that I can.

@mike Blipverts! I remember the blipverts. Used to watch the Max Headroom show, as a teen. Had been watching for a while before the fillum came out.

From ashevat on :birdshite:

A programmer had a problem. He thought to himself, "I know, I'll solve it with threads!". has Now problems. two he

Here's an Amazon Australia link that the OP gave me, for what he's using: amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08B7

$20. Ordered! Supposed to work with Mac, so yay! (I also have Win10 and Ubuntu laptops, so well covered).

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Listen up Raspberry Pi folk: just got a hot tip from someone on :birdshite: who had just got the hot tip himself: rather than get a monitor just for checking booting, get a cheap HDMI to USB capture device, and watch on another computer. (He showed me a screenshot of just that, including my own tweet).

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