OK, I had it when I was hypomanic, but I think my eidetic memory might be coming back. Hoo fucking ray, I think I'm getting my brain back, despite my age. Explained to psychiatrist why I'd started language studies, and the cognitive/memory improvements I have been getting, and said that neuroplasticity is real, if she'd nodded her 'ead any 'arder, it would of dropped orf.
So good to have professional validation, anyway.

@stibbons Thank you for that. I struggle to convey to people just how difficult video/pure audio is for me. LOL, mentioned my aversion to the telephone (can't. see. lips. or body language) to a psychiatrist only this week.

@koosli @liamvhogan Video presents me with a much greater cognitive load than, say, writing. And if it's not closed-captioned, totally bugger off.

@pelagikat Coming back to the web version, there's a follow button there wasn't before, and the greyed out menu button is no longer greyed out.

@pelagikat Different client (on my phone now,) but that worked.

@pelagikat For some weird reason, the web version of Mastodon (at least this instance) doesn’t show a follow button, and Mastonaut shows a follow button that does’t actually do anything.

“Ich kann nicht glauben, dass es nicht Nightwish ist.”

“I can’t believe it’s not Nightwish.”

At least, it sounds like a track that got missed of Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Just with male lead vocals, and in German.

Bannkreis - Sakrament


(Sorry it’s PITA shitty Spotify, but they aren’t on SoundCloud or BandCamp.)

@ben_hr I hadn't really thought about that aspect, but distraction free is good. Much as my watch is just a watch; if I look at it I can see the time, nothing else to divert my attention. (And self-winding, so not yet another damn thing needs charging.)

478g iPad vs 182g Kindle. Finally admitting to myself that an iPad is a wee bit heavy for a reader. Plus the last book I bought crashes the iPad app. Getting myself a Paperwhite for my birthday, hopefully getting back into reading on a regular basis after too long sick.

@Tarale Seeing your previous tweet, this sounds like a wise strategy.

Spotify deleted; life’s too short to handle shit like that.

I have not used Spotify before, but the iOS app is the worst fucking UX I’ve seen in the last year. I cannot figure how to play a track.

@ozjimbob It does. And also an ignorance of how dog breeds came about.

@Posty Have you given your son access to your account, Derek?

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