@MattHatton Carbon sequester the rich. Plenty of mineshafts need filling up again.

Just gone through 8 personal and one held in trust for a former client :birdsite: accounts - all emails updated to my ProtonMail account (some were with Yandex,) 2FA on everything, backup codes recorded.

I now have one elusive account, the name of which I can't remember...

@MattHatton Which would explain why it’s going in every direction at once?

So - just had a notification from LonkedIn that the guy with whom I negotiated the hosting contract I’m about to cancel - now has a new job. Guess I won’t need to explain why/what I am doing, then.

Got suspended on :birdsite: for - daring to do a password reset. (Not my primary.)

Birdshite Update 

@bestthingsbot Coming away from an appointment with my GP knowing that, whilst my life has become a shit-storm, someone's got my back.

Birdshite Update 

@koosli @pelagikat We called them counters. I have no idea why, other than that there was another game, where they were used as such.

@koosli Nearly all my childhood games came via my Danish godmother (primary reason I'm a Eurobrit, rather than a racist Britbrit.) We had that, but it was called Mikado and now, reflecting, it was a bit Danish racist, in depiction.

@koosli Then again, I wouldn't have played it in over forty-five years, and I have no idea where the physical games space is in this day and age.

@pelagikat One of my few redeeming features: multiple chronic illnesses, currently flaky mental health, retrenched, BUT I'VE GOT GOOD TEETH! Reaching 52 sans cavities is one little thing to be pleased about.

@TechnicalKO Still trying to go the Vagrant route. Worked OK on the Mac Mini, put trying to do it on my Ubuntu laptop, I find that the distributed DEB of Vagrant doesn't support current checksums. So now having to download a DEB direct from Vagrant, to try again.

At least download speeds are being a bit more reasonable today.

Status (whilst trying to download Laravel) - trying to remember how to do impedance calculations so that I can make a balun to hook up a TV in a room with no socket, but with CAT5 - so 75Ω unbalanced to 100Ω balanced.

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