@TechnicalKO Have they got online chat? I've used it with a few companies, even if it's a bit slow, I can just flick it over to the other monitor and get on with something else.

Have kicked off @WeRWorld@twitter.com in co-hosting mode for the week; if you're on that platform come and join the community - we're all about supporting those in isolation.

Have also set up a Discord server - shout if you'd like an invite so we can group chat.

Lastly, have created a resources page, to which I'll be adding contributions: werworld.org/covid-19.html

@mike @dadegroot Picture is worth a thousand words, and all. Here's the "dead" stump, and the new growth as of this morning.

@pinstripes I've got 1,001 problems, not including the community building stuff I'm doing to try to keep us all sane - and here is where I get mental time off. It's wonderful, standing in the kitchen, making dinner, reading this, and hearing the zuurkool (Sauerkraut) going "glub!"

@pelagikat ...cutting a short story long, I happened to refresh the page today - delays in shipping due to unprecedented demand. No shortage, just exceptional orders. Are people switching to buckwheat because they can't get regular wheaten flour, or are we seeing a massive upsurge of people actually cooking, possibly including just learning?

@pelagikat We're necessarily gluten free here, so I use a reasonable amount of buckwheat flour, especially in my fried chicken. (And about to try for pasta.) Was getting hard to source locally, for a sensible price, as we're rural, and in an area still trapped in the 1950s. Found an online direct from farm organic, guaranteed GF (tested) source for a decent price....

I know it's entirely down to who I follow, on various accounts/platforms, but right here is so wholesome, like half the feed is growing, sewing, baking, pickling, wet process photography - it's got SOUL. So thank you, friends all, for such fine content that nurtures, rather than just fuelling my anxiety.

@mike @dadegroot We had some tough trees, including the makrut and a 4m bay. Last 3 years were too much, extreme summers killed them. I tried to crowbar the makrut out, without success, but the disruption to the rock-hard earth was enough to get the root system working again. Had a year of appearance of leaves and twigs, after a MASSIVE pruning then, early this year, the roots put up two vigorous new sprouts, now at about a metre high.

@dadegroot Ah, osmotic cooking! That's how the gravad lax process works, which reminds me I should get a batch going soon. Hope it turns out well!

Will bear it in mind when I've got got makrut (kaffir) limes again, now that the tree has risen from the dead.

@dadegroot Is this a bacterial process, like sauerkraut?

I've got an experimental batch of Lebanese cucumbers going like that. (Basically substituted cucumber for cabbage in my known-good recipe. I also cheat by using a starter culture in the form of yoghurt.)

@stibbons Reminds me that I need to lift and re-lay the bird net on the tomato plants so I don't get any through-growth.

@liamvhogan And I can happily code in three different languages, and work with two different database systems and can do web stuff and - don't have work. So yes.

@liamvhogan Oh, they always have been - it's just that people in general didn't have a fucking clue about how society works.

I'm both an infrastructure nerd, and the one coordinating getting the bins emptied (no municipal collection) so I know, and I know just how fragile it is, too. Our rubbish collections are down to ONE PERSON, and I've seen the impact just when he's had truck problems.

@mike Not mozzies here but argh, the FLIES! 10 minutes outside netting one of the tomato beds, and the buggers were trying to get into ears, nose, eyes. Bastards.

@peemee Oh, that's good to know. We've got it just on the basis of my partner having a senior's card, but we were wondering if our conditions could be used to qualify (we're both immunocompromised.)

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Yay, flu symptoms! From vaccine, that is. Wonder if it's the South Australian strain (A/South Australia/34/2019 (H3N2)), and I should put the South Australia Great logo on my profile...

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