@mike For those of us who have had distractions, I get the understanding that you are back home, in VIC.

So sorry to be a pain, but I missed how you got from outback SA, to home.

CW: crawly bug feelings 

@tyl Fear it, and in a healthy way. I've only seen one, in my Previous Life, on a friend's dog. We didn''t hang about getting the fucker off.

Here, it's all but impossible to get a diagnosis but, having been brought up in tick country, hey.

@mike Not my favourite type of connector. Although I was given sound advice many moons ago, when I was told to get an industrial ratchet crimp tool rather than those horrible ones they sell at auto shops. For anything heavy current, I actually solder them, then heatshrink.

@alcinnz I was asked to re-write a legacy system, would have been all but impossible or, at least, would have taken a LONG time. So now working on giving them the software that they already own through tweaks, and documentation (poorly commented Perl).

I seriously doubt it could have been deployed to a new server without breaking, so addressing that, too.

There wasn't a lot of freedom there, despite ownership.

CW: crawly bug feelings 

@tyl I may have had Lyme disease (or still have) on a chronic basis, so yes to all that. If you don't get it in time, getting rid of it isn't a given.

I was unaware of having been bitten, so it will remain a mystery. Both PCR and Western Blot tests have proved inconclusive.

Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

@duncanhart It sucks, whatever it is. Had the same again this morning. Six messages back from the client, dreading what I was going to see DESPITE him being so happy yesterday. (And is still happy). My brain can be a real arsehole.

Covid adj, bullshit work training 

@pelagikat But everybody knows that management wank-speak will keep us safe from COVID.

Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

@pelagikat It's more methodology than knowledge. (Although I do have knowledge of relative advantages of the tools being looked at). Analyse what's there, risk-assess making changes rather than just blindly follow the spec and re-write everything.

This was something wrong in my last gig - wanted me to just get on with it, rather than analyse, and pick the best tool for the job.

Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

So I braced myself and read the message. Which started with the word "brilliant." What? Appreciated my (fairly detailed) analysis, agreed with it, and is very happy to have me working on this.

Apparently the specification that I bid on, but am now recommending against, was just some kid giving the client casual advice, so now we do thing MY way.

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Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

Yesterday I didn't exactly say no to a client, but advised what was requested (replacing a system) wasn't a good idea, would take too much work, and it would be better for me to just document what's already there, and tidy up the interface.

From my side, a question of working smarter, not harder (and working less).

As I fell off the rails last night with no drinking during the week, seeing a message come back meant the anxiety I felt about it increased tenfold...

@virtualwolf @futzle @stibbons ...but you're only allowed one face? (In which case they've had the entire pandemic to fix the software to accommodate).

Regarding the app, the SA one only requires unlock for the driving license. COVID checkin is unsecured.

@virtualwolf @futzle @stibbons Although you have to have an Apple Watch... One of my primary uses office TouchID is with Apple Pay, so it's a show-stopper for me. You'd almost think it's deliberate; want to unlock your phone? Give us an extra few hundred for more hardware :-)

But I fail to understand why facial recognition can't be trained to someone with a mask. What's the difference between a mask and a beard? Or is the problem that it can be trained to a mask...

@stibbons Wow. High-numbered F keys takes me back to when there was an AS/400 at the other end of the wire.

Link: Every 80s song that used the Yamaha DX7 synth 

@futzle And just remembered that I need to get hold of a SCSI to USB stick interface, so I can finally play with my Akai S3000XL. Could only have dreamed of having one back when they came out.

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