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I eat a lot of alfalfa sprouts, and was getting sick of dragging off down Port Road to the plant shop to pick up what few, overpriced packets they had.

No more. Buying direct. 3 x 100g packets comes with free postage.

Since I was doing such things, and it was finally not too hot outside, I also finally got round to taking the spare off and putting the repaired rear wheel back on.

I HATE doing car stuff, but at least I finally have the right tools.

Car tyres down a bit, as they do when the weather cools off. (20kPa!) Have a compressor, but no inflator (OK, I do, but I don't have the fittings to mate it to the delivery hose) and had no intention of using the hand pump and separate gauge, so treated myself to this.

Far more easy to read than multi-scale analogue gauge.

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Hair by the tail-end of Cyclone Serjoa.

Your screen is being observed.

How I feel every time I use a Google service.

In this case, I'm merely driving my laptop from the desktop

Clear morning, briefly at a time when sunrise coincides with me doing my outside chores. Give it another week, and I'll be back to moving about in the dark.

I scream internally every time I update stuff through the App Store on iOS. Individual updates are shown as BUTTONS, so actions. Good. Update all is a goddam fucking LINK. So NOT an action. I blame this as the remaining factor in my refractory hypertension (having quit coffee). Ping @zens

Serendipity continues. Yes, this is another Pyhimys album, the one that came before my much-played Mikko, but this one is Pyhimys and SAIMAA, a prog rock band.

Interesting combination? YES.

Optinen harha (feat. Ellips)

I discovered Salla-Marja Hätinen through her collaboration with Pyhimys, on the album I keep playing over and over. Her band, Mafia Honey, was a one-album wonder, and I thought no way would it be on Australian iTunes, BUT IT IS!

And it's really good!

My NBN is good tonight, you?

Tethered to Optus 4G, average round trip of 138ms, STILL with drop-outs. I suspect issues at the local exchange.

This rocked up on my Kindle overnight (just launched today), the highly topical Sex, Lies, and Question Time, by Kate Ellis.

Got a day on the bus on Wednesday, so think this will be my reading matter.


Despite being in a Vegepod, the auubergines still got bloody moth!

Bugger this for a game of soldiers. Headlamp and reading glasses are not up to the task. Igor, fetch the Leica!

Seriously, that microscope is the best for fine work/repairs. Can't remember what I paid for it but, with the ring illuminator thrown in for very few $$$, it was a real bargain.

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Another day, another set of screwdrivers. Thanks, Apple. I thought that the Pentalobe was all I'd ever need again. Wrong.

COVID jab 

Shit is getting real! Confirmation text for tomorrow's COVID jab.

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Ophthalmologist visit today. Caught bus at 0755, so a LONG day for about 15 minutes of appointment. Thankfully we got the Coaster (medium sized bus) rather than the horrible little Hiace. Oh what a feeling. I harvested aubergine, zucchini,button squash by torchlight before I left, so all I have to do is cook once I get home. And feed the horse.

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Woken from my nap the unpleasant way, unable to breathe, as my CPAP went off. Unwarned power outage for “essential work,” 3.5 hour restoration time. Someone knocked over a pole? Transformer gone bang? 367 properties out.

We’re OK, so long as we don’t need more than 6.75kW.

Westinghouse, for those into such things.

Essential when all water has to be pumped, and air conditioning is a medical requirement.

Plus we get a cooked dinner.

I don't know HOW the washbasin plug got lost but, when I came to use it for an infrequent shave, there it was, gone. I dealt with this as I do other lost/broken rubber problems: silicone putty. Being a cast, it's a perfect fit, and easier to get out than the original.

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