Aldi Kadina checkout queue. Two days ago I was straight to the register.

These saggy old seats were falling apart, now a lot better. Wouldn't want to sit on them, with the splitting wood, but fine for keeping a certain dog out of the Vegepods.

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How did I not think of this one before? It's perfect!

And I am now also very earwormed.

Cambridge 'Admiral' N99, good for up to 300 hours, depending on air quality. Filtration based on British Cold War NBC respirators. Actually got them for bushfire smoke we never saw, but when you're immunocompromised and have flu season AND COVID 19 around the corner, this is our new look around town.

Bolton, Barnsley, Nelson, Colne
Burnley, Bradford, Buxton, Crewe
Warrington, Widnes, Wigan, Leeds
Northwich's grim up north.

And only ten seconds.

I've been a Logitech fan for at least a quarter of a century, and they have yet failed to deliver. I'm using this mouse on a couple of square inches of leather chair arm. Yes I CAN use a mouse with a laptop on my lap.

MX Anywhere 2S.

Lacewing friend, probably Heoclisis fundata. And I don't use the word friend lightly as they are welcome garden predators, especially the antlion larvae.

Good morning. Routine a bit different today, so got to see the sunrise. (I'm normally outside before and after, but not during.)

Best fucking $170 I've spent. Plus the same again to bump the RAM up to 16Gb, and a new battery. HP Elitebook 2760p, semi-rugged.

Well, whadda you know? Built without a glitch. (Other than having to re-install wget dependencies, as my Homebrew installation is a bit shit.)

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Reached second to final level at this Duolingo (Swedish) checkpoint, which means - time to switch back to Dutch!

Hopefully it will be easier this time. -n on the end of the noun is probably plural, NOT the definite article.

Got suspended on :birdsite: for - daring to do a password reset. (Not my primary.)

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Finally, Gut backen im eignen Herd!

Of the four, this book has seen better days, falling apart. Now captured for posterity.

50Mb download

Was essen wire heute zum Abendbrot? 1938/1940

I have now scanned this little treasure, and have put it here:

41Mb download

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