A maintenance advisory saying "internet connection may be affected" didn't say anything about it being out for 10 hours! Not amused. But it's come back at nearly the clapped speed up 25Mbps. At least for now.

Just re-tested, 23.6Mbps, and we're into peak time. Can't complain, especially since my up speed has doubled.

Selfie, eye contact. 

This is the (masked) happy face of someone contemplating a new career.

So what sort of coupling is this, so I can go down the appropriate Wikipedia rabbit-hole?

Dawn. Silhouettes of gum trees with a black background, and an intense band of red - although my phone thinks it's more purple.

Selfie, eye contact, COVID 

AZ #2 now in me. This is more of a huge relief than I was expecting.

@Posty My iPhone has a buggered USB connector. And is the second with this problem. Just thinking about your previous comment about wireless charging - first iPhone didn't have it. This one does. So still going. AND I got a powerbank from Amazon with wireless, and it is SO FUCKING GOOD! Gets charge in, in record time and, in doing so, makes a great hand-warmer!

I had to supply my own rubber bands.


Amelia shared a couple of WIP shots of my avi, so, I hunted down the original photo, to complete the set.

New avatar! I commissioned this from the highly talented Amelia Carson, Amelia_Draws on Twitter.


First in, what, 6 weeks? But I never learn. I might have got away with just the espresso, but now I'm tucking into a pot of tea, when I said I wouldn't.

My caffeine tolerance has become - very poor.

Injection paraphenalia 

Joy, I get to stick myself twice today. Testosterone HRT, and B12. The T is every six weeks, and I tend to do the B12 at the same time, just so I remember. The T being in my calendar, since being late with that can be highly unpleasant


My partner dragged me out of bed early to move this Trictena atripalpis from the patio before the dogs got her.

@peemee Finally got the bits, will be putting your idea to the test tomorrow. Lightning to HDMI, then dummy terminator.

Meat, alcohol 

I wasn't expecting the akvavit to rock up until next week, but it did, and special occasion, so rude not to. Just wish I had some pickled fish.

My partner's new car was chosen specifically for this - transport of mobility devices. Currently a large and a small scooter, wheelchair could be on the cards. She's been VERY practical about an unfortunate situation. The crane means she can take an off-road scooter, which I'd struggle to lift in, with ease.

Car is a Kia Carnival, which has sufficient mod-cons that it's actually pretty good in terms of accessibility.

At last, sensible temperatures to wake up to.Cold enough to bring on my Reynauds, so got my gloves out for the first time this season.

Green Owl 

You can tell I've been stressed lately by the amount of Duolingo activity.

food, online purchasing 

I eat a lot of alfalfa sprouts, and was getting sick of dragging off down Port Road to the plant shop to pick up what few, overpriced packets they had.

No more. Buying direct. 3 x 100g packets comes with free postage.

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