I need a nap, but I think I've found what I need to change. Take out the whole sign-up box, replace with a description of what's actually happening.

Nightcap? No thanks, I don't wear one! For me, it's trying to fit one round my CPAP gear. Will this work? We'll see. Goodnight!


Image 1 - stamppot on meat, image 2 - cheese on stamppot. Now in oven to brown.

Dinner is a sort of shepherd's pie analogue, lamb and tomato on the bottom, seasoned with black pepper, allspice, ginger, a potato/carrot stamppot on top of that, and topped with Spanish goat cheese.

Grief, death, and old dogs. 

Chicken, bacon, bok choi, beetroot, tomato risotto.

Because winter comfort food.

Does 🍎 have the slowest CDN in the world? Then when THAT finishes, I get to upgrade Homebrew (again.)

Espresso #1 unsatisfying, due to sinus biofilm. I can potentially have another one, but only if I have a tea-free day (usually three pots.) Decisions.

After updating to Mojave, I get the fun of upgrading Homebrew...

Let's see if I can get an image from Photos into Mastonaut...

Double 🌈, take 1...

Me right now, who has thrice declared that he is going to focus on Magyar for a few days.

Bruising, medical shit. 


I lost the 3m+ bay tree I raised over fourteen-ish years to the drought. Herself spotted some at the market, so I dropped everything and rushed out to bring home a new friend. Mature and healthy looking tree. I managed not to cry in front of the stall-holder.

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