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Feels kind of weird, but my disability parking permit has arrived. Often, I won't need it but, on the days I do, I really do.

Guess that means I'm OFFICIALLY disabled.

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Enjoying a can of Puck Futin, just spotted the Cyrillics on the side - червоні очі, (Chervoni ochi.) Ahhh - red eyes. That must be the local name, and explains the label drawing!

Recipe shared by Ukraine's Правда (Pravda) brewery.

Damn shame that my 12 cans are all that I'll ever get to see, because I really like it.

Love that a simple swipe of the space bar on my iPad has me into Ukranian Cyrillic.

beer, Ukraine 

Puck Futin! Australian brewed, very limited edition, red ale, to a Ukranian recipe. Rather pleasant. Proceeds to Ukranian charity. I don't know what's with the green skinned, red eyed (zombie?) diver, though. Surely a John Deere towing a tank...

Freshly minted, non-fungible socks. Made by my partner only yesterday on her vintage sock machine. And unique!

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Jabbed! This is my #5. (3 primaries, 2 boosters.)

I finished the absinthe. Goodnight, you awesome people! Really can't handle the current feed, because election. Not elifible, but had sausages for dinner. Godnatt!


How good is pink gin? Never Never Triple Juniper with Angostura bitters.

The gunk on the glass is because I previously used it for aspirin.

I had just got this fucker in tune, when it dropped a string. Tuner is on my other phone, which is charging. *sigh*

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Cheers, and godnatt!! This is my penultimate absinthe - only one shot left in the bottle, as this is a rare treat.

alcohol, selfie, eye contact 

Cheers, and goodnight! NightCap of absinthe in my favourite antique Til Lykke glass.

Today has been - trying. But you good people have helped me keep my shit together. Much love to you all :-) 🖤

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Yay, tablet night! (Yay, not.) Time to fill up my 3 weekly pill organisers.

Chronic illness a) sucks and is b) expensive.

As usual, Aldi delivers! Want to do something in trans flag colours? We've got the marker pen set for you!

I have no idea how hot these are, so need to test to see what goes in my dinner. Pequino, I think. The plants are quite pretty. Black is one of the ripening colours.

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Full winter mode! I normally sleep unclad, but have nightshirt, nightcap, woollen socks. I do NOT heat the bedroom. Currently a fraction under 12°C Falling asleep to In The Garden by the Eurythmics. Goodnight, dear people!

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Having a Death in the Afternoon, invented by Ernest Hemingway. Cheers, and goodnight!

Trying to figure something on the newly-restored baby grand, but they left it in such a poor state of tune, than my can only play by ear brain can't figure it out. So had to drag out and tune my electro-acoustic guitar.

This virtual Boss TU-3 on my Android backup phone is REALLY GOOD, I just wish I had a 1/4" to micro USB audio interface so I could actually plug instruments into it.

Maybe I should see how much a physical TU-3 costs...

Narungga weather 

5.9ºC, feels like 3.0ºC. Time for a change! Into thicker cotton teeshirts (as opposed to synthetic activewear tops) and SOCKS! Of course, now everyone is sniffing my socks. Bodywarmer under hooded jacket, gloves. (Been wearing them for a few days, because Reynauds.)

Still in shorts, as little wind, so 5ºC (here, as opposed to the weather station) still acceptable.


Toll courier turned up mid-afternoon with a Very Special Box.

Seeing the name Pont L'Évêque has made me rather teary, as it's a place from my Past Life that I will likely never see again. (Normandie was one of my Very Special Places. I almost miss France more than I miss England.) At least I can still enjoy the cheese.

My treacherous brain is now trying to context-switch into French, a language I haven't thought in for over 15 years, which isn't helping.

beer, fonts 

It both amuses and fascinates me that I can only read the blackletter font on this bottle after I have sampled the contents.

I think the headline is Weißenoher Klosterbrauerei. In regular font, Bonator Doppelbock.

Anyway, it's amazing. Love everything I have tried from this brewery. Didn't know that Germany had an abbey brewery tradition, like Belgium.

Giant centipede photo 

Just about to clean my teeth, when I spotted this wriggly person in the wasbasin.

I keep the container in the bathroom just för evicting these folk. Usually find them in the shower

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