selfie, (red) eye contact 

24 hours post-surgery. A bit red, no longer particularly sore or itchy. Gunky, but vision otherwise good.

Which reminds me that it's time for (yet more) eyedrops.

Selfie, (one) eye contact. 

In recovery, and feeling pretty good about things.

Learnt something surprising about myself, in that I'd rather be aware than knocked out.

selfie, eye contact-ish 

Busfie. Last day with natural (and defective) eyes.

Reasonably accurate reproduction, without the internal bend, and with cut ends, rather than points. No snags, with trial insertion into sock. Made two, to be live tested.


This woolfie came into the laundry like a rocket when I opened the door. But it was pretty crappy outside at the time.

Done my obligatory lesson, but not in the mood for Green Owl. Think I'll play with synths instead.

Selfie, eye contact. 

On the health bus. 12 seat minivan. Sounds like diesel, and some form of continuously variable automatic transmission. Bumpy as fuck, but I've been seated over the rear axle. Slowly being beheaded by the seatbelt.

Day trip for what could be just a 15 minute appointment, but planning for glaucoma management, so unavoidable.


Guess I'd better make the best of it before the heat starts

Not feeling it this morning. I have well-defined tasks to do but, just don't feel like it.

Trying to perk myself up with The Orbserver In the Star House by The Orb, and Lee "Scratch" Perry.

A Day In The Brain Of 

I just discovered Daði Freyr. Would have been Iceland's Eurovision entry this year, had it not been for the 'rona.

A knob-twiddler. Interesting to see his technique. (Not in the linked video, but others).

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Can't recall which of you ratbags put me onto Beer Cartel, but I accidentally...

Buying BOTH inflator kits from Aldi, unfortunately, didn't yield the reducing bush needed to connect the tyre inflator hose to the gauge/gun assembly. Someone didn't think this kit through properly. Also the thread on the gun is a bit off tolerance, what my old boss would have called a "prick in a bucket" fit. Gonna take more than PTFE tape. Now to remember where I last saw my gas fitter's jointing compound...

Compressor assembled. Was fun, having an ocular migraine zigging across my vision.

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Aldi shop: bananas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, chicken breasts, air compressor.

Should add that I'm cutting back on alcohol, and aiming for quality rather than quantity. Skipping the Little Prince reference, because I'm too tired, I no longer need the buzz, because I now have tablets for that, but I still need the taste thing, and my new chilli sauce fetisch isn't quite doing it. So seeing what I am gets from hops.

Picture: my chilli sauce collection.

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