Pirate Life (Adelaide) Ice Imperial Stout, 16.4% ABV. Incredibly complex flavour. For once,I won't complain about the 355ml can size, because this is NOT a session beer!

I got two things wrong, giving it a quick chill when I should have left it at room temperature, and timing, this is definitely a supper beer.

Just hope that it's not limited edition.

Available from Beer Cartel.


It's been a shitsome day, but at least we have fish and chips.

As our warming drawer is currently broken, and we don't want tradies ( or anyone else) in the house, running the oven at 70°C as a substitute.

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Cheers, folks, happy TGIF! Celebrating with a pink gin, Never Never (Maclaren Vale) Triple Juniper with Angostura bitters.

Still undecided as to whether to continue with my last Trappist beers, or the Portuguese Rabo de Gala. (Or, as I call it, "I can't believe it's not Rioja.")

Getting paid today was a HUGE weight off my mind. Sudden world events are of less interest to me than if my friends had a good day at work, so in the mood to celebrate a wee bit. 🖤

Power back. Don't have to run off and buy petrol just yet.

I can now get this going when only half awake. Fuel tap, Liam (give it some choke) press start/stop switch until it fires, outlet on, deploy cable to connector by meter box, open meter box, move transfer switch from SAPN* position to generator, close meter box, go back to bed until it runs out of petrol.

Note to self: refill petrol tank.

*SA Power Networks

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Insel Brauerei - Meer Jungfrau
Biere des Trappistes Rochefort - #6
Chimay Bleu
Delirium Argentum
Can't remember, another Trappist one,
Biere des Trappistes Rochefort - #10

All but the first new to me, and Belgian. Of the remainder, the Delirium Argentum is the only non-Trappist beer.

I worked through vaguely in order of ABV, taking notes.

Oh, boy, some amazing flavours there, and mouthfeel. I described the Chimay as a "comfort beer" as the mouthfeel when drinking was truly comforting.

Each and every one fantastic.

My order from Beer Cartel was the Trappist selection (12 beers, 4 (?) breweries) one of each of the 4 Delirium beers (I have had Tremens and Nocturnum before) 4 of the Insel Meer Jungfrau, and 4 Duvel.

Whilst I can enjoy a few pints of the right beer, having far less by volume, but more by variety made for a truly pleasurable experience.

Just emailed Beer Cartel to tell them.

Sometimes the old ways are the best. Should be hanging on the house wall, running off mains, but there is a problem either with the HV feed line, or the grounding system.

This device can run off battery, mains adapter (wall-wart) or a solar kit. Investigating the cost of solar, because anything is cheaper than laying a new underground HV cable. (I did the original installation to the same code as a mains cable, now kicking myself for not putting an ACTUAL mains cable in the same trench.)

I am totally blown away, running a Python REPL session on an embedded board. Oh, brave new world, that hath such MCUs in it!

But I have to remember the CPU spec. Cortex M0+, dual core, up to 133MHz.

Just LOVE that Raspberry Pi is now doing its own silicon.

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I have worked with Atmel AVR, Motorola HCS08, TI MSP430, and Dallas devices I can't remember the name of, but are descendants of the 6502, IIRC. I need to inventory what I have got, as I would like to send these to good homes.

In the decade or so since I was doing this, things have moved on in quantum leaps. Now I am starting again, I am skipping the whole C development thing - because I don't need the performance - and moving to Micropython.

I beg your pardon, Guardian?

I was signed in, but then got a banner asking me to sign in. Followed the link, and got this.

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Cheers @mike, hope you are having a wonderful significant birthday!

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Rodenbach (Roeslare, Belgium) Grand Cru red ale. 6% ABV I wasn't expecting the Champagne like fizz to it, quite delightful. Almost more reminiscent of a cidre bouchée than a beer. Gorgeous.


Duvel, Belgium. Font too small to read the town. 6.5% ABV Had this before, but a long time ago. Goes down a bit too easily. I'd put it in the same bracket as Leffe Blonde, although I prefer the latter. Only a 330ml bottle but, with the size of the head, needs a half litre Weissbier glass.

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Bière d'abbaye/, Val-Dieu Grand Cru. Aubel, Belgium. 10.5% ABV Strong, smooth, and I'm glad I'm about to go to bed, because this doesn't muck about. Pairing very successfully with Aldi mixed antipasto meats. A seriously amazing supper!


Gouden Carolus Classic. Mechelse, Belgium. 8.5% ABV The English version of their site is - pretty crap. Switched to French to figure out exactly what they are trying to say. French and Vlaams versions correspond.

Site claims best dark ale in the world. Scroll down, and you find this was an award from 2012.

Still very nice, very smooth.

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with a Chimay. I have been aware of it, but I think this is the first time I have tried it. Trappist beer brewed in Baileux, Belgium. 4.8% ABV VERY drinkable. Santé, les pères!


Had Aldi antipasto with my favourite (to date) Rauchbier. Compared with much of the advent calendar, a serious taste explosion.


Giving myself another day of premium beers. Starting with one of my favourites, Leffe Blonde. I drink this stuff like session beer, on tap, never knew it's 6.6% ABV!

I never tired of this stuff. At $18 a pint, on tap, it used to be a rare treat. I think these bottles are a fair bit cheaper. Might repeat the order, although I might do my own selection.

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