@shlee Just refreshed. TONS better, thank you. Not sure why the right margin, though.

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Cheers, good friends all. Thank you for being with me through this rather trying year and a bit. (Things went bad for me early last December). Wishing you a safe, and peaceful 2021.

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This is my dinner. Goat cheese, Manchego, Iberico, Serrano ham (from Aldi tappas kit) wild boar salamis with truffle and fennel, a piece of Gouda cheese, and olives from a friend.

I simply don't LIKE "traditional" Christmas fare, English or Australian, so this is quite liberating. Recent years, I've done duck risottos, and stir-fries, but this is the first time for individual meals.

There is Prosecco in the fridge.

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Cheers! Me imbibing said gin. Plate nowadays washed and ready for the next round.

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Because my partner is rather fish-averse, I have already had my gravad lax, and pickled tommies, taken with local gin, as I was unable to get akvavit.

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When there's only two of us, we can't both have exactly what we want. My partner wanted roast duck, while she put in the oven, I did the veg prep.

This is Mark, who was helping.

Photo of a very happy yellow Labrador who was so pleased that I'd come out to play with him (or so he thought).

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Vegepod hood stood on its end. The spray bar is 12mm LDPE irrigation pipe. Old one decided it was going to go into splitting mode. Cable tied a new one in place.

Bench covered in tools, pipe fittings, cable ties.

Started off needing to fix a hole in one of the Vegpod canopies, decided the section of pipe that passed through it needed replacing, fitting broke, then the spray bar split - so it turned into a complete refit.

The dogs got presents - wrapping paper round a loo roll full of pellets. Much excitement!

Image description: yellow Labrador holding a red Christmas "cracker" in her mouth.

The trick to having speculaas dough not stick to the mould is to lay a sheet of cling film over the dough. However, this further decreases the resolution, already poor due the very large grain size of the flour mix, compared with wheat flour.

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One less thing to do tomorrow - got the gravad strõmming eller sil (actually Tommy Ruffs) on overnight. Only cooking tomorrow is baking the speculaas. Otherwise chores are just watering, some mulching, changing a loo seat, and then maybe I can get to work on the new laser cutter.

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Cheers! Whilst today was a rare day off for reasons other than being sick, I now have gin, and am really in holiday mode, even if it is only 3 days.

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