Joepie! Finished Memrise Dutch 2. Probably find Dutch 3 is exponentially harder...

I just like this picture. Shows the dust reasonably well, but sky is a bit too light.

Hmm, seems like Toot is broken in the attaching videos department, so here's a still, instead.

Books! An English/Czech dictionary, an English/Malay dictionary, a 1934 book on some rock carvings in Jena, a book on historic Gdansk, a couple of Polish almanacs (1969 and 1979) a Polish book on Business English, and one on letter-writing. Oh, and a Lithuanian/English dictionary, as I definitely want in on the Finno-Ugrics, and didn't have the heart to leave it there, sad and unloved.

I went to Moonta looking for some furnishings for my new second office/studio, and came away with a chicken, some sausages, two frozen gluten free pasties and some GF ravioli for Herself, and BOOKS.

@TechnicalKO My Machinery's Handbook, 1941, whilst they still covered the likes of forge work.

I need a nap, but I think I've found what I need to change. Take out the whole sign-up box, replace with a description of what's actually happening.

Nightcap? No thanks, I don't wear one! For me, it's trying to fit one round my CPAP gear. Will this work? We'll see. Goodnight!


Image 1 - stamppot on meat, image 2 - cheese on stamppot. Now in oven to brown.

Dinner is a sort of shepherd's pie analogue, lamb and tomato on the bottom, seasoned with black pepper, allspice, ginger, a potato/carrot stamppot on top of that, and topped with Spanish goat cheese.

Grief, death, and old dogs. 

Chicken, bacon, bok choi, beetroot, tomato risotto.

Because winter comfort food.

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