Tried the Demoiselle "Silversmith" lemon myrtle vodka. This distillery just keeps winning me over.

Put it in my not really negroni recipe - vodka, Demoiselle absinthe, Gamel Dansk, cab merlot. Quite the flavour explosion.

And this is where I want to be. Drinking far less, but getting treats of very intense flavour. Because with current health conditions, I am losing so many flavours, can't even taste chilli. These aromatics, I can.


All God's children need traveling shoes
Drive your problems from here
All good people read good books
Now your conscience is clear…

Yeah, I know, socks with clogs, but these are new Birkies, and I've got a LONG day in them, and wanted to retain some of the skin on my feet.

Related: have to remember to seal the exposed cork.

So this is what I was aiming for, my own interpretation of negroni. Vermouth becomes cab merlot with absinthe, bitters is Gamel Dansk (which I already know goes with the cab merlot) and gin is - a very good gin.

Without the wine, the mixed spirit Just Works - I was partly expecting a bit of a clash, but no. Together, I've achieved what I sought. Drinking far less than before, I sought a heavy flavour hit, and got it.

Afternoon haze gin sampler (50ml) sampler from the Demoiselle distillery in NSW. Quite. Exquisite. Sample pack is one gin, one vodka, one absinthe (which I already know). Tasted a little on its own, rest is cocktail history.

The answer to the question of do I have a watch case unscrewer appears to be yes.

So I got a final email from Keybase to say that my proof is back in business. Thanks to @aussocialadmin for getting on top of this so quick.

From Dr Emma Beckett, on :birdsite:

Aussie friends who cook, time to do a survey? We are interested in your cooking and eating habits & your use of convenience cooking products. The survey is part of a student research project & should take 10-15 mins. For more info & to complete the survey:

Green Owl 

Oh, look, it's the Green Button of Death. Will I get credit for that lesson or not?

I did. This time lucky.

Pet death 

Here she is, last hours, sleeping with her head on her sister.

And now she is gone, literally died in my arms. Sleep well, little sister.

Pet death 

As of tomorrow, she'll no longer be with us, due to an aggressive tumor behind the eye.

Mother to all the youngsters, will be dearly missed. Just hope she makes it to tomorrow in comfort.

Pasta recommendation. 

Don't now who needs to know this, but San Remo gluten free gnocchi is literally the best gnocchi either of us have had.

The GF pulse-based pastas are good too; I've tried the red lentil based one. Not chewy, neither does it disintegrate; neutral flavour.

San Remo sells direct. All but the middle box on the sack truck of today's post is from them.

Inappropriate joke 

Overheard amongst the French at Agincourt.


This one sure was a big bugger. Don't think I've seen one that big before. But poor thing was on its last legs - love to see them, but they always arrive close to death, for some reason.


I heard a fluttering outside (screen door open, raining) went out to see who was there, and was blessed with a visit from a rain moth. Actually landet on my hand.

Spotted in Drakes supermarket - that twist logo in the middle of the machine - are they actually running GNU/Linux?

Spider, rodent death. 

Fished a dead mouse or juvenile rat out of the swimming pool only to find a large wolf spider using it as a floatation device, and clinging on for grim life. Spider finally persuaded to let go, and went off safe and sound.

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