Reached second to final level at this Duolingo (Swedish) checkpoint, which means - time to switch back to Dutch!

Hopefully it will be easier this time. -n on the end of the noun is probably plural, NOT the definite article.

Got suspended on :birdsite: for - daring to do a password reset. (Not my primary.)

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Finally, Gut backen im eignen Herd!

Of the four, this book has seen better days, falling apart. Now captured for posterity.

50Mb download

Was essen wire heute zum Abendbrot? 1938/1940

I have now scanned this little treasure, and have put it here:

41Mb download

Schnitzel and Rotkohl. Mine's the one with just lots of Rotkohl.

“To prove you’re a human, click on all the photos that show places you would run for shelter during a robot uprising.”

A farm not so far down the road has started making something useful with its grain. GIN! Actually based on vodka. Rum and whisky are in the barrel, but not for release until December 2022, IIRC.

Finally got the last of the Danish plates I’ve been getting Herself up on the wall.

Gravad lax, senapssås med dill, Aalborg and Linie akvavits. I need to start haunting Woolies on a Sunday morning when there is often reduced to clear salmon. Into the freezer for at least a week, to kill any parasites, then it's osmosis time! How cool (pun intended) is osmotic cookery?

@bestthingsbot Today I took delivery of akvavit, and made senapssås med dill (mustard sauce with dill) allowing me to break my unhealthy relationship with processed deli meats, and enjoy a healthier, home made förrätt.

Anyways, I needs a nap. Akvavit has turned up, so I need to make senapssås med dill before aperitif time.

Sweden, Norway, and Denmark all represented! Should get some Finnish vodka, then they could form a metal band.

Good morning, and happy Friday!

I wish you all a peaceful day.

Last day of my 53rd passage under this sun, and thus starting birthday week a day early with Death in the Afternoon. (The drink, not the book, but same creative source. Cheers, Ernest!) And as I move closer to boney one's grasp, once again I extend the festival just a little bit more, because I can, because I can enjoy life despite sickness, and because fuck you, naysayers.

Joepie! Finished Memrise Dutch 2. Probably find Dutch 3 is exponentially harder...

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