watch, birthday 

I wanted a watch for my birthday, specifically a manual wind Seiko Japanese Railways official issue.

Whilst I'd have liked a 1967, More than happy with a 1977.

I will be eschewing wrist watches (again.) I have had a few Russian pocket watches, but they aren't that wonderful quality, and tend to pack up after not very long, even though they were supposed to have been serviced.

This one has been PROPERLY serviced and very much look forward to receiving it.


Today's beer is the second of two sours from this selection that I actually like. 6% Basically beer with cherries.

Elephant skin (mine) 

Er, better get some betamethasone cream om that before it starts bleeding. If I needed further proof that I'm run down.

alcohol (but not much) 

So here's another surprise. I thought I didn't like sour beers. Currumbin Valley Sour Beer, "like cream soda." I have no idea what cream soda is, let alone what it tastes like, but this is very acceptable. Just a sharp beer.

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alcohol (but not much) 

Wildflower organic table beer. A low gravity beer at 2.9% ABV, but with a fairly sharp, clean flavour. Incredibly good. And I say this as a high gravity beer person.


Finding this pot of zuurkool/Sauerkraut quite made my day. Stamppot for dinner!

I was today old when I first administered a Flixotide inhaler to a dog. Was a bit worried, as I hadn't done it before, but she is well trained to it, and very obliging. Keeps her awful cough well under control. She can also have Ventolin the same way as a reliever.

food, fish 

I grew up thinking that sardines were OK things that came in tins. Let loose on the fresh product, they pickle beautifully, now trying to perfect frying them.

My partner is having lamb chops, so I am cooking these in the residual lamb fat. Which totally works.

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Making myself stekt sardiner to the recipe of stekt strömming. Checking recipes.

@zens These are the flowers I'm going to be using. Limonium sinuatum (I think.) Pick them before they seed, and they kind of go into stasis.

Pulled up some Limonium plants to rescue them from the mower. Will dry them (they hold colour quite well) and use them for crafts.

New seasonal avi, from my good friend @zens

When I first saw this, it was a thumbnail crop which looked to me really Goya-esque, so I have cropped the avi itself to reflect this, because a Goya-esque me, how cool is that?

This is all kinds of NOPE. It's the login form for my health insurer. At the top of the email field there is a red circle with a white gate in it.

This means that Firefox has just blocked Facebook content. WTAF is that fucking spyware doing on a health insurance site?

Went to grab another glass of wine before bed, and someone assumed I'd gone to bed, and occupied my chair.

It started off as forbidden, but turned into an understanding. BUT NOT UNTIL I HAVE GONE TO BED.

alcohol, medical 

Cheers! Hoping for a less exciting evening, after my partner had an Addison's episode last night, and I had to inject, and clear up the barf. At least I'm capable of providing prompt and adequate nursing care, even if I've been on the wine.

Addison's crisis is a triple zero job, if you're not geared up for it. And time counts! We don't have an ED here with a doctor on site, and not all ambulances carry the injections, and not all ambos are qualified to administer.

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