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Technically, I don't nee.d to see an optometrist, because I see an ophthalmologist every 6 months. However, I get about 10 minutes with his own optometrists, and 10 minutes with him.

So today I went to see the local guy for "the works" - a good 45 minutes worth (and fully bulk-billed!)

Got prescriptions for eye drops I'm running low on, thorough vision check and prescription for reading glasses that allow me to read down to 3.5pt type, pressures (19, 19) and retinal photography.

All looking really good, optic nerves are fine, ditto the maculars.

Before I had my surgeries the year before last, glaucoma was going downhill fast, pressures where crazy high, in the 30s. (Yes, I would have gone blind without the intervention.)

Only problem is, I've reacted to the eyedrops he used. Blurred vision, nausea, spaced out.

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