Living rurally, and 160km from my nearest friends, not having the spoons to travel, plus being a semi-carer, PLUS COVID - I have zero in person social life, or leisure activities that take me off the property.

I know that being hyper-connected is a bit much for some people but, for me, it is de-isolating.

And the people I connect with can bring me so much joy. Obviously starting with you lot, and my networks on Twitter and Insta, but also the people I work with/for.


Just had a brief exchange with the Orthodox Priest in California, who is my side-hustle client. Just one of these people I just click with, and with whom it is a genuine pleasure to communicate, whether it's work or just pleasantries.

Less so on here, but it's also a joy to communicate in other languages, even if very basic. Yesterday, that was Vlaams (Belgian Dutch.) Just being able to read anything in other languages is a joy in itself. No polyglot, but read enough to satisfy.

Of course, at the end of the day, you can never be lonely with 8 Labradors, but I have been talking human contact.

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