Mike Oldfield status 

This is my second playing of Light and Shade, and I'd quite forgotten what it was like. Oldfield sure can do techno.

Music of the Spheres, up next, I've had for a while - possibly since it came out. Man on the Rocks and Return to Ommadawn I've only acquired in the last month or so, so second playings for both of them.

Tubular Bells ✅
Hergest Ridge ✅
Ommadawn ✅
Incantations ✅
Platinum ✅
QE2 ✅
Five Miles Out ✅
Crises ✅
Discovery ✅
The Killing Fields ✅
Islands ✅
Earth Moving ✅ Mostly skipped.
Amarok ✅
Heaven's Open ✅
Tubular Bells II ✅
The Songs of Distant Earth ✅
Voyager ✅
Tubular Bells III ✅
Guitars ✅
The Millennium Bell ✅
Tr3s Lunas ✅
Tubular Bells 2003 ✅
Light + Shade
Music of the Spheres
Man on the Rocks
Return to Ommadawn

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