The burgers are better at hangry Matt's* It's basically my köttbullar recipe, but formed with a Tupperware burger press.

Mince, egg, breadcrumbs, dash of Chardonnay, S&P**, allspice, onion flakes.

*Actually one of the names to which I answer.
**Substitute Moodys, if S&P not available.


@grumpysmiffy That looks wicked! Hopefully no Vego's on


@joshua That's why I CW :-) The biggest plus about this recipe is that it doesn't stick to the pan, or fall apart. Resting time after mixing is fairly critical.

Got to clean/refill the deep fat fryer, as I have a hankering for burgers with proper chips.


@grumpysmiffy Nice! Just need a cold beer to wash it down.. 🤣

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