Testing earbuds with one of my favourite prog rock concept albums Urheilu-Suomi by SAIMAA.


Wonder how this album would go down in Germany, with a track titled "Saksa on paska maa." (Germany is a shit country.)

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@grumpysmiffy heeyy, i'm just listening to Matka mielen ytimeen, and came here to thank you for pointing SAIMAA to me, this is excellent!

I don't know if you've noticed, but many of the tracks on Matka mielen ytimeen are inspired by other Finnish songs with the same names, so if you're interested you can search for them.

I haven't yet listened Urheilu-Suomi, but they seem to be inspired by legendary Finnish sports moments. ”Saksa on paska maa” is a quote from Seppo Räty after he failed there.

@Stoori So glad you like it, really is a great album. I'll have to follow up on those. And thanks for clarifying the Saksa on paska maa. Not having the background, it was just an amusing title.

@grumpysmiffy There seems to be many cultural references on these two albums.

Lentävä kalakukko, btw, is not only an old Finnish song, but also a whole movie (the song is from that movie), a comedy about a night train from Helsinki to Kuopio. Especially the conductor is a legendary character.

@Stoori It says something for the music that I can be so invested in it without understanding more than the odd word, and none of the cultural references. I always thought this was the case with all the German music I have, but there I understand SOME of the language (not good on spoken, only really learnt to read) and references. This is enjoyment of pure sound.

@Stoori Oh, that track! I realised it was something about trains, and even includes a phrase from Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express.

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