Retina displays, are they worth it? Looking at a refurb Macbook Pro 13", i5, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD. 2020 model, so shouldn't have the keyboard problems. Spec spot on for what I need, but wondering whether it's worth the extra for Retina. I have technically perfect vision (prosthetic lenses) but get a lot of eye gunk, so anything that aids readability is good, but really not sure if the Retina thing is genuinely good, or just hype.

@grumpysmiffy I mean, you can literally not see the pixels any more which is very nice, things are very crisp and clear. My main Issue with MacBook Pros. I've got a 2018 and it's the most horrible laptop I've ever had, I fear trying to get any work done on it. Hopefully the 2020 model has a keyboard you can actually type on because the 2018 one doesn't

@jimbob Thank you. There were two keyboard issues - there was a period of some design where the things were forever breaking and, even worse, some didn't have an escape key, which makes them useless to me. My understanding is that the current generation has neither of these issues.

Typing-wise, I have "adaptive touch." I'm very fast, but I can go from fast and short travel to fast and hard. Which I need because my (Linux) HP, my (Windows) Thinkpad and (Linux, work) big Thinkpad all have...

@jimbob ...very different keyboards to my MBA and desktop Mac keyboard.

@grumpysmiffy my old 2011 MBA was so, so great. Upgrading to a MBP (for 3x the price) was tragic.

@jimbob That was my first Mac. When it died, I tracked down this machine, a later model 11". I am SO PISSED OFF that they dropped that size.

But it's always short on disc, and has other issues. Hoping I get paid soon enough to get the replacement before this one packs up because - I think it's close.

@grumpysmiffy I would never go back to a non-retina screen if I could avoid it. I recently assisted a friend with a 2017 13-in MacBook Air and it hurt my eyes to look at it. I also have had cataracts fixed.

@grumpysmiffy I had one with retina display and there wasn't really any "practical" difference, i didn't find it easier to read text than on a lower res screen. It was nice for image editing tho, as I could edit images with larger dimensions without zooming out.

My main problem on linux was UI scaling is not implemented in a lot of apps so UI elements were often unusabley tiny. Probably less of an issue on MacOS

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