Currently listening to the album Paradies Naiv by Laing. Forgotten just how amazing it is. Just think of a close-harmony Berlin synth-pop version of the Andrews Sisters.

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@grumpysmiffy Laing!!! 😍😍😍 my current favourites are Unberechenbar and Punkt! I'll have to check out the rest of Paradies Naiv-i listen to Morgens immer müde on repeat but haven't heard the rest of the album!

@bean I AM SO HAPPY that I've passed this wonderful Alben onto a new host!

@bean If you liked this, you'll like their other two albums.Seriously recommend.

Look, I absolutely don't know your tastes beyond this but should you be into some gutsy young female Danish rap, then please let me know...

@grumpysmiffy oooh yes! one of my favourite artists is Gabrielle (Norwegian), so very much into that vibe. who are your top recomms?

@bean Tessa. Can't recommend her enough. No album last time I checked, but the tracks I have are Snakker for Meget, Ben, Fuck dem Freestyle, Sjakalina, Okay, Glo på Mig, Så'n der.

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