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Whilst I believed in what I was doing in my last gig, and was proud to be associated with the project - I'm REALLY glad than I got booted. Vague expectations, poor management comms leaving me to do a lot of work just figuring what I was supposed to do, and no solid funding/existing business - I didn't realise it was actually making me sick.

I now know that I need a much closer relationship with my boss(es) which I had in the previous gig, until made redundant.

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Now I'm working for someone with whom I have form. Worked with before, was Twitter friend before that. Zero bullshit capability, either direction, as we have very closely overlapping skillsets, both of us us database guys with very similar philosophies.

And, for the first time, I feel zero guilt chasing payments because a) I know that I'm not asking when there's dubious cashflow (established business) and b) I know that I'm only having to chase because payments are an admin overhead...

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...and he lacks the admin time. Right now, he is seeking admin support; I'm starting to shoulder some of the tech burden. Soon, we will start kicking arse.

What have I learnt, working with an Austrian in Adelaide, plus another in Austria?

The importance of plain language. Not the technical stuff, just everyday language.

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That - and that I'm definitely culturally more aligned with Germans* than other Anglophone groups (like the US.)

*Including other Germanic language groups, Scandinavians, Dutch.

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