Trying to summon up the spoons to make dinner. Cooking for one can be motivationally challenging.

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@bean I am 100% behind accessible food. Those that poo-poo it obviously don't have the lived experience of struggling to feed themselves! And that's whether it's an instant meal, or just something where the stuff has already been prepared.

I haven't exactly had instant meals the last couple of days, but they have certainly been minimum effort. Aldi kebabs done in the air fryer, with stamppot - basically boil up potatoes and Sauerkraut, mash. Then last night omelette and air fryer chips.

@grumpysmiffy those sound amazing
there's absolutely no shame in having to go for efficiency with food.
Aldi is amazing- I love their frozen spanikopita. I feel like starting a few posts of easy no shame mental health meals I make might be nice, and asking people to share their ideas too

@bean Sounds like a good idea. So much can be done with a one-pan meal, with little effort. Ditto air fryer.

Part of my emphasis on one pan is that it cuts the other spoon-sapping factor, being washing up.

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