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It's 2 years since I was recovering from a hypomanic episode, triggered by sustained high dosage use of corticosteroids (dexamethasone) which I was on to keep me out of hospital due to a very grim flare-up of a sinus infection.

I was picked up by an EXCELLENT rural MH system, with a remote psychiatrist, and fortnightly appointments with a local MH nurse. Until the system fell apart, and the nurse was removed from the area, at the stroke of an accountant's pen.



Medical, MH 

But IT JUST SO HAPPENS that this stuff is a interest (and I believe further qualification) of my GP WHO ALSO is into chronic disease management.

So we have been having long appointments, every 4 weeks, for quite some time. Doesn't come cheap, with co-pay, until we hit safety net. But I really am getting very good management. Chronic issues, including addiction (alcohol) all handled by one very capable person. Who also uses me as a teaching model.


Medical, MH 

My point here? The last 2 years have dealt me such blows, work-wise, that I have developed such security and self confidence issues, that it's impacting my ability to function. I think I need help, but I think I can find that in my next GP visit, as he is able to deliver the holistic wossname that I need.

n/n ENDE

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