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Yesterday I didn't exactly say no to a client, but advised what was requested (replacing a system) wasn't a good idea, would take too much work, and it would be better for me to just document what's already there, and tidy up the interface.

From my side, a question of working smarter, not harder (and working less).

As I fell off the rails last night with no drinking during the week, seeing a message come back meant the anxiety I felt about it increased tenfold...

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Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

So I braced myself and read the message. Which started with the word "brilliant." What? Appreciated my (fairly detailed) analysis, agreed with it, and is very happy to have me working on this.

Apparently the specification that I bid on, but am now recommending against, was just some kid giving the client casual advice, so now we do thing MY way.

Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

@grumpysmiffy Woohoo! Proving that you know your stuff!

Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

@pelagikat It's more methodology than knowledge. (Although I do have knowledge of relative advantages of the tools being looked at). Analyse what's there, risk-assess making changes rather than just blindly follow the spec and re-write everything.

This was something wrong in my last gig - wanted me to just get on with it, rather than analyse, and pick the best tool for the job.

Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

@grumpysmiffy that feeling of anxious negative anticipation, the feeling of dread of messages in your inbox what's that feeling called?

Work, Alcohol, Anxiety 

@duncanhart It sucks, whatever it is. Had the same again this morning. Six messages back from the client, dreading what I was going to see DESPITE him being so happy yesterday. (And is still happy). My brain can be a real arsehole.

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