2021-07-15 14:55

Outside 11.4 C
Living Room 17.1 C
Dog Room 17.7 C
Master Bedroom 14.1 C
Office 15.1 C
Laundry 17.5 C


I have no idea what happened to the old one. Plugged it into video capture, and it showed nothing but a multicoloured blob.Testing the SD card (rewritten) to see if that's still OK, and if it's just the Pi itself.

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@grumpysmiffy The Pi rainbow square can sometimes happen when there’s a mismatch between the Pi hardware and the version of hardware supported by the image that you have on the SD card. The LEDs on the Pi board flash to tell you what the problem is.

@futzle Oh, that's handy to know! In this instance, it's a system that had been running for a couple of months then, all of a sudden, stopped.

Going to try with another SD card (last one I tried didn't boot) but suspect the board has had it.

@futzle The good news is that a brand new SD card got it going again. Didn't really want to lose a 3B+.

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