Yesterday I had the Final Call with my now ex-boss. Which I had been dreading. She will pay HALF of my last invoice. But made a point of acknowledging the significant contributions and work I've put into the project over the last year.

And the documentation that got me into strife due to my obsession with it? ALL my co-workers saw fit to tell her how good was what I wrote for them. So, the engagement is ended for what I was doing... (continued)


...but, somewhat ironically, will be reaching out to me for future engagements, where quality documentation is required.

So it was a case of "au revoir," rather than "fuck off, and never darken my doorstep again."

And now I can move on.

Sorry didn't CW that as work, but my brain is still just a bit messed after 7 months of doing something I probably shouldn't have been doing.

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