Alcohol, addiction, bugs 

Whilst a combination of acamprosate and naltrexone have allowed me to reduce alcohol intake, still dealing with cravings, but more in the driving seat.

But now? This ongoing infection, not showing as viral or bacterial - second week on once a week anti-fungals. As of yesterday, 24 hours after the second dose, cravings GONE. Along with most of my appetite. Just wow.

This isn't without precedent - I lost 25kg when a suspected candida overlay of the gut was treated...


Alcohol, addiction, bugs 

...and allowed me to go low-carb. So, once again, my cravings are NOT my cravings, they belong to my fucking passengers.

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Alcohol, addiction, bugs 

So, what happens if I let habit take over?

I just end up feeling bloated.

Going to watch this with interest. I get to report back to my doctor on the whole thing, two weeks from Tuesday.

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