So I've decided to store an UNENCRYPTED backup of my password manager, in case mSecure goes bust or something, but keep it on a volume using open source encryption, in the form of Veracrypt. Which can be read on any OS (so formatting it as FAT).

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@grumpysmiffy 👍 My default approach is if it's digital first then there needs to be an analogue backup somewhere very safe and secure.

@duncanhart I've revised my approach over the years. 20 years ago I lost a loading of shit because I was stupid enough to trust CD-R. I had one unencrypted copy on my person, wasn't readable, and an encrypted version I posted - and lost the encryption key. So my Past Life, before coming here, is very much past.

I trust memory sticks a lot more, but need multiple copies. For disaster recovery, I have to assume that I may not have a Mac.

@grumpysmiffy you have the battle scars. I like the idea of the cryptosteel <> as well as the fireproof & waterproof iosafe devices <>. My backup strategy is insane but I get to sleep a bit easier every night.

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