Anyone know how to get the battery percentage showing again in Big Sur? I cycle quite religiously, and now knowing from the tiny icon when I'm near 40/45% is a pain.

@grumpysmiffy Go to System Prefs/Dock & Menu Bar/Other Modules/ then you can choose where to show it, e.g. Menu Bar or Control Center (sic)


@Gregodon Thanks - someone got me going. I was looking in the power section for it, which would have been my logical place!

So I am back to cycling it as I was. The longer before I have to replace the battery, the better!

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@grumpysmiffy no worries. I'm no expert, I just googled it :-). Control Center (sic) seems to have installed itself on my iMac (late 2015, 3.3 GHz, 16Gb DDR, AMD Radeon graphics). Pretty reasonable for audio. Need some bookshelfy monitors tho.

@Gregodon I've got a Mac Mini ready to deploy - but don't really need it just yet for the office, so might keep it in the bedroom as the studio machine. Just need to add some external storage.

Also chuck in a USBC hub to hook in my external stuff, including the audio/MIDI interface.

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