Apple folk - I have a soon-to-be-deployed 2018 Mac Mini with a not very big SSD. Should I replace the SSD (and have to reinstall the damn thing) or are USB-C external drives fast enough not to bother?

Also, any recommendations for a BlueTooth adapter, as the one onboard is pretty much useless beyond about 10cm.

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@grumpysmiffy IIRC the storage in a 2018 mini is soldered down, so good luck upgrading it! That model has Thunderbolt 3 though, and an external Thunderbolt drive should be plenty fast enough.

I have this model and I agree that the Bluetooth range is awful. Gave up my Bluetooth mouse and went back to a cabled one.

@futzle @grumpysmiffy Of course if you don't mind modifying the case, you *could* wire in a different bluetooth/wifi antenna.

@futzle OK, thanks. I was sort of getting the impression that external no longer equals slow, so back to the days of the Commodore PET with the external shoebox sized hard disc it is!

@grumpysmiffy I just bought an external 1TB SSD USB-c for A$140. So that could be a start. It’s quite small as well. 7.5cm x 5.6cm.

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