I've made this analogy before, and it still holds true to me. Twitter is a city bar, loud music, everyone talking loudly, getting jostled, hard to hold a conversation, different people always coming and going. Cliques. Few relationships of any depth.

Mastodon is a quieter country pub, where you can come and relax, and chat with the same locals you see every day. People are friendly, and do nice things for each other outside of the environment.

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@grumpysmiffy I've told all my FB friends that coming here is like leaving the Pokies at a grubby old pub for Las Vegas. It is a wonderful breath of fresh air to meet all these new and wonderful people. So pleased to be here!

@reneeotmar The decentralised aspect is, I think, one of the key benefits, as it allows communities to form organically. Yes there are some nasty instances out there, but admins can block them, so we never get to see them.

Really glad you're enjoying it, as I can't recommend it highly enough!

@grumpysmiffy so awesome. I've just posted a call out for some tips... have a few friends who are keen but nervous because it all seems so ... confusing. I'm just bumbling around myself.

@reneeotmar One of the things that's a bit different on this and some adjacent instances is the use of CW (content warnings). It's not just things that folks might find distressings, but also cuts down the noise in the feed somewhat. MH is an obvious one, selfies/eye contact maybe less obvious, politics (eg auspol uspol) definitely worthy, health, food.

It's easiest just to watch and see how the community flows.


Mastodon's quiet country bar also has a back room for the more adventurous to go & play in

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