Health- Sleep 

50mg seroquel normally gives me the best sleep ever - and that's the main reason I'm still on it. Wasn't good at bedtime, so took an extra 25mg. Woke some time after 1, head buzzing, valium. Again, half an hour later, repeat. More seroquel at about 0215.

Now TRASHED. Still with confusion, anxiety, shortness of breath.

Just wish I knew what was going on. Dr cleared it of being heart yesterday, but that's about it. Wait for the swab to come back, I guess.


Health- Sleep 

Tell you what though, I can guarantee that I didn't forget to take the initial seroquel, as I've woken up feeling like I definitely had 100mg in total - struggling to wake up. But at least a bit more calm, and BP down to 166/99, which isn't too bad for me.

Now the challenge is to try to work...

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Health- Sleep 


It's Saturday morning. Go back to bed.

Health- Sleep 

@space_cadet Having been sick for a week, and with a looming deadline this, unfortunately, is not an option.

Although the tag-ends of the seroquel, whilst making me dozy, make everything that much easier to deal with. Especially when I've got more tea.

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