Windows XP 2002 VM. I need to see HOW stuff breaks in IE8.

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@TechnicalKO Thankfully, no. I'm just trying to see what does and doesn't work on it. Making a case for not supporting it.

@TechnicalKO Seems like virtually nothing does. Out of date certificates,, for starters. Can't even go to! Can only reach Google by accepting an invalid certificate.

@TechnicalKO Weird that I can get to Google but not MSFT. Running diagnostics shows it throwing https errors.

I was going to try MSFT's test VM rather than an actual XP VM, but getting blob not found. I'll just accept it's unusable.

@grumpysmiffy I think you'd need to forward all ie8 users to a different server with all the modern ciphers disabled.

@TechnicalKO I'm reading an article which actually shows the errors I was seeing. Specifically, it's the TLS version. So it's actually an XP problem rather than a IE8 problem, as XP only has TLS 1.0. If you're able to enable TLS 1.1, it should actually work.

Pulling a Win7 VM from MSFT. VirtualBox one is missing, but grabbing on for Vagrant.

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