Gods, I love this community. I had to drop all my Patreons when I was made redundant (or the long term contractor version thereof) but, @aussocialadmin, is there a way to do one-off donations? I like to pay for what I use, but things are way too volatile to make regular commitments again, right now.

I guess the was ahead of the curve. I got dumped (for economic reasons, which is all the more maddening) just BEFORE the 'rona hit, and everything went pear-shaped for everyone.

So I wonder - others who supported Patreons and other causes, has the current crisis made you pull your horns in, whether for necessity, or worry?

Note doing a survey or anything, just thinking out loud on my personal experience of the last twelve months.

So, the response to this so far has been heart-warming. Those with stable income have either continued, or increased.

Personally, I can't make long-term commitments, but I have been buying (and commissioning) art - whilst I can.

What I really wish is that the likes of Patreon could take ad-hoc donations. Would certainly suit me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one not knowing what's happening month-to-month.

@grumpysmiffy My spending has gone down and my income has stayed stable so I've been supporting *more* people on Patreon.

@grumpysmiffy No, if anything I've donated more. I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I'm relatively secure, and this crisis has made many more people less secure

@grumpysmiffy Recently I've been fortunate with work and keep up with donations, buy things on bandcamp etc. - but when I was setting out as a contractor without stable clients a while ago I had no qualms about dropping all voluntary obligations. I firmly believe there's enough disposable income floating around to prop up the modest needs of fediverse communities, without anyone having to make difficult choices about their money.

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