@pelagikat Do I remember correctly that you were making felt? My partner is generating a load of very short pieces of wool from her sock machine process, and I'd be keen to do something with them other than the bin.

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@grumpysmiffy I am, but I'm doing it via knitting (knit a specific piece and then felt it).

@grumpysmiffy @pelagikat My partner has made felt from unspun fleece using a felting needle. Don’t know if you could de-strand your individual stringettes back to a fleece-like state.

@futzle @pelagikat If we but had carders! Pretty sure spun fibre could be pulled back apart.

@grumpysmiffy @futzle @pelagikat oh it definitely can. And often does it best when you REALLY dont want it to 😆

Just washing all the bits in hot water should start them on the felting process nicely (assuming its all natural fibre yarn and not a 'superwash' wool)

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