I have some videos 1080x1920, and between 32-280Mb in size.

I want to resize these to 720x1280, and get the file size down to similar ones I have, which are, on average, about 2.5Mb, maximum 11Mb in size.

Don't want to pay for software unless it's <= $25.

I have Macs and Windows 10.


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@grumpysmiffy It sounds like what you want to do is just some simple transcoding.

You could use handbrake for that and it will work on either of your systems.

@Moxhuman @grumpysmiffy Yes, handbrake is good for this. Alternatives like VLC and ffmpeg always had too high a learning curve for me.

@futzle @Moxhuman Thank you. Three votes! Now I just need to learn the terminology, as I know ZERO about digital video.

Just changed the size, certainly got the compression I wanted - down from 53Mb to 3.2Mb. Playing the two, I can't see any difference, so assuming it worked OK.

@grumpysmiffy @futzle @Moxhuman the grand majority of any gui or web software available is just using ffmpeg underneath. it’s got a virtually impenetrable set of command line arguments but i am usually able to find stackoverflow answers for any specific thing i’d like to do with it.

@futzle @grumpysmiffy Honestly the only thing I use FFMPEG for is pushing gphoto2 through vcodec so it can go to V4L2.

If I could just push video directly from Gphoto to V4L2 I would.

@grumpysmiffy Handbrake is actually a really great tool. Its super fast, lightweight, and it gives you options from "just downsize the file" to "Code my subtitles using XYZ format instead of ZYX format"

Its feature rich while still being a low size.

@Moxhuman I also like that it's available for all three of my platforms.

@grumpysmiffy I actually started out using handbrake on my mac when I was an apple user. I am so grateful that it also works on my debian and arch installs!

@Moxhuman It's nice to have stuff that works across platforms. Just a bummer that there's no Linux Evernote client. Most other things I use work across Mac, Linux, Win10.

@grumpysmiffy Have you tried using Nixnote2?
I dont use evernote personally so I cannot give the implementations any sort of reccomendation, however I have heard good things.

Its available on the AUR and the debian repo.
or you can Git clone it from

I dont know if it will fit your use case though.. but interesting to see what you think Smiffi!

@Moxhuman Ooooh... I must make a note (in Trello) to have a play as, right now, I'm rushing to get shit down before my cataract surgeries. Thanks for that; it's definitely something that's missing for me.

@grumpysmiffy Good luck with the surgery! Cataracts sound truly horrid.

@Moxhuman @grumpysmiffy In Dec 2014 I went Specsavers to get a new prescription, they told me nothing could be done until I had my cataracts fixed. By July the following year the job had been done, two separate surgeries three months apart. I didn't have the right level of private health cover to get it done in the local clinic, had to get a driver to take me to & from the Eye & Ear Hospital in Melbourne. A local group supplies drivers in their own vehicles, pay what you can afford. Lifesaver.

Opinion on Aus healthcare 

@peemee @grumpysmiffy That gives me so much faith within our countries community.

I will never understand why our healthcare system decided that eyes, teeth, and brains are just not covered..

I am glad you found someone to help drive you out to melbourne!

Opinion on Aus healthcare 

@Moxhuman @grumpysmiffy Previous experience as a witness in a case in the County Court in Melbourne the previous year taught me to expect a one-way taxi trip of at least $128. After the first two trips the lawyers instead paid $300 for a hire car & driver when I needed to travel there & back home.
So to find this local volunteer group offering this service was fantastic.

Opinion on Aus healthcare 

@Moxhuman For the first surgery I arranged for my youngest brother to drive me into the city for the op then back home. He let me down, the selfish bastard, told me he couldn't do the return trip & maybe his wife, also in the city for another reason might help. Then our other brother came through, literally. He was moving house & coming past the hospital from the other side of Melb at about the right time with a trailer-load of gear bound for ratbag brother's place.

Opinion on Aus healthcare 

@peemee That is horrifying.. Our support for even SEMI-Regional australians is severely lacking

@peemee @Moxhuman We're rural, with bugger all services, so pretty much anything is a 320km round trip to Adelaide. Service bus - currently running only three times a week - you're looking at the best part of $100 return.

Whereas the YP Community Transport health bus is $14 return, and drops you to/picks you up from the appointment. Appointment window is 1100-1400.

As my hospital admissions are between 0730 and 0830, I'm getting the health bus up the day before, hotel...

@peemee @Moxhuman ...then the return journey, being just a few hours post-surgery, is by the community car, which takes me from the appointment all the way home, for $50. And which satisfies the surgeons that you're not just getting on a bus, after anaesthetic.

@grumpysmiffy @Moxhuman Trials & tribulations. When I used the volunteer driver, he refused to give me his mobile number. I asked how would he known when to pick me up. He answered that would be mi problem, he wasn’t t leave the hospital until I did. And the proceeded to wait the whole day for me. Impressed.

@peemee @Moxhuman But horribly inefficient. With our system, any change, I can just phone the office, and they'll contact the driver.

Note: health bus is contracted to the local coach company, professional drivers, community car is owned by the org, drivers are volunteers. They also have a service where a volunteer driver can use YOUR car, after it's been inspected and certified. (Doubtless because of the lack of MOTs in this country).

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