1) Due to the nature of my work, WFH has never been an issue inasmuch it has not affected my ability to deliver. Only problem is with those who still think everyone needs to sit in the same room, catching 'rona off each other.

2) I’m even finding a 7.5 hour time difference from both client ans support to not be an issue - stuff just happens overnight. And there is a practical time window for video meetings.

@grumpysmiffy 2) has been my life for 10 years now. Almost exclusively done the ‘night shift’.

@mig5 Never done anything of any consequence with anyone overseas before, and I'm loving it. Meetings mean me having to prep dinner early, as they are at my usual kitchen time, and for my client, she's doing it over breakfast. So it doesn't encroach on what's work time for either of us.

@grumpysmiffy yep. There can be a bit of a shuffle when daylight saving time starts or ends for each side, but it’s not usually a big deal. I don’t think I could go back to working in an office *or* from home for mostly Australians. Too much real-time interruption.

@mig5 I couldn't work in an office even if I wanted to, because I live in the arsehole of beyond, but was interested to find that the CTO of an agtech startup that might be a potential client is living (and WFH) in the next town over. There seem to be a few of us.

@grumpysmiffy what would you say your ultimate expertise is? Is it Perl app dev? More app dev than sysadmin?

@mig5 Web application development, from scratch. Database backend, MySQL or MongoDB, with Perl or PHP, and then offload a load of processing in JavaScript.
Whilst I have a lot of Perl experience, I say "not recommended for new designs." On the basis of don't build shit with something, unless you have the talent-pool to maintain it.

@grumpysmiffy I bet you know your RT :) I miss it in a weird way.

Do you know/like Drupal? I know a lot of said dev agencies as I used to specialise in streamlining deployment of it. Can always keep an ear out for dev work there. There are some great ‘local’ entirely-remote agencies that are leaders in the Drupal space. PreviousNext for example

@grumpysmiffy PreviousNext were the first agency to ask me for remote retainer-based sysadmin support and in a way taught me how to set myself up as a remote retainer freelance business. Paid me 20+ hrs/mo for years.

@mig5 I think I should track them down and say hello. Thanks for the tip!

@mig5 Sorry for the delayed reply - I work on multiple devices, and am just catching up from conversations preceding a day sick then a day ultra-busy...

I have used Drupal in the past, and have recommended it, as I used to know people working in the accessibility space and, at the time, it was just about the only CMS with a commitment to accessibility.

However, I don't really know any platforms well, as I've only just touched on using them - my experience is very much in the bespoke space.

@mig5 That is not to say that I don't have MASSIVE Impostor Syndrome, as I had too much time without work, and am now working in an area I haven't touched before. (Engaged pretty much on the basis of being a veteran Fixer.)

@grumpysmiffy oh, I just accept my imposter syndrome as being the one thing I’ll always be good at (or will I 😄). I’ll always have it, just a part of my personality. Better than trying to fight it the ‘other’ way. ‘Doing my best’ seems to be usually good enough or better. That’s all you can do

@mig5 For me, it can get debilitating. I had a labour hire gig cancelled after two weeks of four, AFTER I'd delivered ahead of a schedule that had been brought forward by a month. No communication from the client, just a call from the agent to say that I'd been canned. That hit me badly.

@mig5 I was fully paid, and reimbursed for expenses. But zero communication. A few people reckoned it was a false advert, they got the goods and ran. My personal take is that senior developer, who appeared to be a bit out of his depth, saw me as a threat. When I could have helped him in so many ways. *shrugs*

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