I know that I'm on a region-specific instance, which has such a lovely community, but it's wonderful to be seeing non-English language toots in my timeline (mostly en français.)

I'm no polyglot, but I don't thrive in a linguistic monoculture.

@grumpysmiffy oh, that is probably my doing. That’s nice to hear, as I was used to running my own instances where I didn’t have to care whether anyone else would be bothered. I was actually worried I might annoy people here...

@mig5 I've cultivated my main Twitter feed to make it multilingual, although there are a few naturals. Some of them, like Russian, I can only read the odd word, but I still like to see them there.

I have been known to tweet in Swedish, German, French, but it's mostly just reading.

Whilst Australia has a whole load of Indigenous languages, plus other migrant languages, round here, you never see/hear them, so good to do so on social media.

@grumpysmiffy that’s cool. I really only speak English but I try to get a bit better at my father’s language. He never gave it to me as a kid (he wanted to assimilate into Australia I guess) so I started too late to ever become proficient, but I get by, especially reading and writing. P.S, somehow I unfollowed you in a drunken mass unfollowing recently. I was confused why I didn’t see your reply except in notifications. I’m going to refollow (if you wonder why the notification)

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