Alcohol consumption related stuff 

Not sure if I've said this on here, but, with so many bloody health issues, I've gone for a soft target - alcohol consumption. Asked for something to kill cravings, got acomprosate. It works, above and beyond expectations. I am now working on HABITUATED drinking, rather than craving, massive drop in interest in chocolate, and am sure I'm losing general appetite.

I have no intention to give up drinking, I have few enough pleasures as it is, I just want...

Alcohol consumption related stuff to be a pleasure, that is relatively non-destructive, and unhealthy. I want taste explosions, not to get pissed.

The lack of cravings from the acomprosate is pretty mind-blowing. It's a streamlined authority medication as part of a a "comprehensive care plan," but my GP trusts me to take care of that bit myself.

Unfortunately, there are things that alcohol was masking (self medication) that need other prescription meds, but I can deal with this.

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