@grumpysmiffy You can also be more formal, but not super formal by saying

Mvh, Smiffy

(Med vänliga hälsningar)

@TechnicalKO Tack så mycket! Just messaging a Bokbörsen vendor to let them know that payment will be delayed a couple of days due to PayPal slowness. Just had a payment from client in Germany, all nice and smooth, go to withdraw to linked bank account, turns out it takes 3-5 days, but I can instant transfer to a linked debit card. *links debit card* Sorry, your bank doesn't support this type of transaction. So back to slow mode.

@TechnicalKO Had I known about this, I'd have waited for the Bokbörsen invoice BEFORE I initiated the transfer.

Anyhows, once this goes through, I'll have a 1919 edition of "Stor Kokebok for større og mindre husholdninger" on its way, which a Norwegian friend, who has an ancient copy, tells me is THE hard to acquire classic. I realise that post is ultra slow, but will be worth the weight.

@grumpysmiffy Fantastic! What an amazing name for a book. So vague!

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