@urbanfuzzy I seem to recall you saying that you were going to have a look at Redis. I've been reading up on it today, as I'll need it for the (hopefully) new gig, and I have to say, I think it would be a good match for what you are building. I've only been reading, and haven't got my hands dirty yet (that's for tomorrow), but I'm really liking what I'm seeing. Old gig was just using it for queues, but some structures are just MADE for things like leader-boards.


Tomorrow I'm going to play with Predis, which is a PHP client, although I've no idea if that's what $NEWGIG is using. But will let me get my head round it. Impressed that it built it built on a Mac without complaint.

@grumpysmiffy I hadn’t heard of Predis. I’ll check it out.

@urbanfuzzy It's 1) install Redis (recommended build from source) then 2) pull Predis from git 3) use.

@urbanfuzzy Anyhows, Predis is actively maintained, so you can pretty much assume that any Redis command you want is implemented. And, if it isn't, there's a fairly easy mechanism to extend. (Also how you deal with if you've decided to rename a command, but FFS, who'd do that?)

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