I woke up thinking the worst of my woes was that I might have bronchitis - but then I got made redundant.

If you need a remote-working PHP/Perl/Javscript/Node.js (yes I know that's Javascript)/HTML/MySQL developer, please shout.

@grumpysmiffy Commiserations 😔 We are looking for a dev but it's the wrong tech stack and I'm not sure how an offsite person would sit (role is for someone who needs to integrate various systems so no meatspace chats would be challenging). Still, I'll keep eyes & ears open for you.

@Smiffi Surgubben @Andrea Roceal @Ms Cat Kat

Ouch. What kind of people layoff staff just before Christmas?

I'll keep my ears open.

@continuum @pelagikat @Roceal Thanks. A week after getting a countersigned contract back, eh? Victim of the gig economy :-(

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