So today I got stuck back into Polish. Adding to my active study list of Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, and Latin, the latter which I only started a couple of days ago, when I discovered that Duolingo had it in beta. I think I will feel comfortable with what I am doing if I likewise re-start Hungarian, which will bring me up to four language groups, giving me a better sense of how languages WORK.

Right now, I feel this study is vital to my mental health.

My first foray into Polish was back in July, when I was having a hypomanic episode. (I didn't know what it was at the time, I knew that something was different, and my cognition was dialled up several notches.)

But what I am seeing now, through the fog of quetiapine (Seroquel,) is that, even at my age (early fifties,) I have finally learnt to learn, with a significantly improved ability of pattern recognition in language, and neuroplasticity is real, bitxhes.

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The x was a typo, but predictive text didn't kick in, so I decided to leave it.

FYI, GP dropped my quetiapine dose last week, because it's not supposed to leave me in zombiehood, apparently, so I'm functioning somewhat better, but still somewhat opgefucked by it.

FYI.1 Hypomanic episode was the complex result of a VERY long-term sinus infection; one part required a whacking dose of corticosteroids, to keep me out of hospital, and my "passengers" demanding excessive alcohol. This being a synthesis of my GP's and my theories (we're pretty much in agreement.)

Anyhows, it was a weird, even enjoyable experience, but 110% unsustainable, because death through lack of sleep may offend.

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