So, after a few years where getting over 15 hours of work into a week was like something to celebrate (8-12, and struggling, more the norm) - Clockify tells me that I’ve nearly hit 18 hours since Monday, my eyes are still pretty much OK, and I’ve still got this evening, and three more days to go. (I work 7/7, due to former incapacity.)

Nett result: can clear down debt, acquire some awesome kit that we’re all going to have fun with, and do a bit of micro-philanthropy.

Barring @TechnicalKO, who probably knows me better than anyone, I’ve managed to freak out pretty much my entire support team, but now there seems to be some acceptance. Saw my GP yesterday, NOT whilst manic, and could see him relaxing. Have a tele-consult tomorrow with a shrink, as part of my having caused another GP to hit the MH Panic Button (and bugger, I’m impressed - it works) with Fred. I’m not entirely sure what Fred’s qualifications are (I’m assuming an RN) but every last…


…bugger in the local health system knows, and respects Fred - and seem a bit in awe of him. From my perspective, he’s a really nice guy to deal with, and I can recognise one hell of a professional. Who is probably better qualified than the shrink. (I’ve known a few nurses; my trust factor compared to anyone calling themself “Doctor” who isn’t a real one (ie: has PhD) is orders of magnitude apart.

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