Books! An English/Czech dictionary, an English/Malay dictionary, a 1934 book on some rock carvings in Jena, a book on historic Gdansk, a couple of Polish almanacs (1969 and 1979) a Polish book on Business English, and one on letter-writing. Oh, and a Lithuanian/English dictionary, as I definitely want in on the Finno-Ugrics, and didn't have the heart to leave it there, sad and unloved.


There was a bunch of Russian titles but a) my Cyrillic is bloody rusty, and b) the titles didn't convey a lot of meaning to me, which makes me wonder if they weren't fiction (which isn't what I'm after, at least at this stage.

BTW, next on my purchase list for the new venture is an A3 book scanner, as in one specifically engineered to cope with spines, fragility, and all the other characteristics that separate the unbound page from our greatest treasures.

I have some, I guess they are the special supplement editions that come out with popular periodicals, VGC (for the age,) and of reprographic quality that quite shocked me, when I photograped and zoomed an image.

Anyhows, of course there was Nazi influence, was able to date, last edition set in Fraktur, that I can tell - I will be digitising and chucking on the web.

But not my point - I have a long-standing rule about not lending tools unless you are someone I know REALLY well...

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...and would probably be safer using them than this clumsy oaf (totally not sub-tooting the likes of KO and Z here) so - where was I - if you want to scan a family treasure and don't want to shell out ArtLab prices, my kit will be our kit.

Imminent kit list will be shitty little CNC router/laser engraver that I need to play with so I can write the software I need, scanner as just disclosed, 300x200mm 40W laser cutter. Followed by a small CNC-capable milling machine.

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I'm an auld fart, I can see the attractions of 3D printing, but want to do my making in the old, subtractive ways. And that includes photolithography, and anodic precision machining.

Who's in for the ride? Got ideas? I want to hear them.

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@grumpysmiffy is that a thing you can buy? mostly i have seen them as building plans for camera mounts and lighting

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