@TechnicalKO The Deed is Done. Smiffytech has been nudged back to what I really want to do, another company (letting accountant thrash that out with my boss, it’s just a paper exercise) will be doing the day gig.

So I just ordered a cheapie CNC router where you can swap the spindle motor/chuck out for a 500mW (not MW as per listing!) laser head. Plan is to get the feel with that, then split for anything bigger, a CNC’d Sieg mill, and a 40W laster cutter.

@TechnicalKO Laster? I meant laser. Everything else will be photochemical. Steve (my boss) and Deb (Steve’s other half) are photographer and photographer and doing art with things with your hands artist respectively, have annual safaris to various African nations, basically imaging charismatic macrofauna. (And doing it very well, too.)

So working on reproduction of some of their images onto different physical media.

And I think that you and I should be looking to reproduce…

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@TechnicalKO …some early photography, as in getting dirty with chemicals. From scratch.

I was on my way to this 7 years ago, before the bugs made things go pear-shaped, but I’ve woken up to boxes of - STUFF. Why, yes, I have. 240V to 18V silly Amps surplus electroplating transformer. And a 15A (at 240V!) Variac, a huge (and earth-bonded) shed. Cutting a short story long, I’ve got nearly everything I need to kick this back into action, and most definitely inviting you along for the ride.

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@TechnicalKO Interesting. I need - to start keeping my eye open for early C20th books, along the lines of “101 incredibly dangerous things a boy can do!” as there is a wealth of (OH&S-unaware) wisdom that might be had. Also the SciAm Amateur Scientist articles, which I used to have on CD. And, of course, my ancient Machinery’s Handbook.

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