I just posted to LinkedIn:

This was such a good idea when it started. Trust networks, connecting with people that I knew, and the people they knew. Now it's constant randoms wanting to connect with a generic message.

I'm not looking for a job. I'm working for Frisk, I don't ever want to work for anyone else, unless it's myself, in a very different sector, picking up my R&D. So why am I even on this platform.


You can mail me at, that's not going away. I'm on Twitter as @smiffy (amongst others) and @smiffy (not my primary, which is private.)

As of the 1st of August, one place you won't find me is here. LinkedIn jumped the shark and turned into nothing but a spam factory too long ago.


So, not sparking joy, neither is, haven't logged into Facebook in over two years, and always hated that platform.

Declutter time. Go where the social is, and goodbye to the spam, and the cognitive overload of dealing with email that is 90% circulars.

I also look nothing like any of my previous avis, so there's that.



So, a follow-up.

A few days ago I posted my final post on LinkedIn, saying what a dumpster-fire it had become, and that I was deleting at the end of the month.

Guess what.

A deluge of connection invitations.

I really don't get people.

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