@TechnicalKO I really do seem to have my mojo back - after a long time without rainwater other than drinking/cooking, (and not seeing an inexpensive solution,) I have. Would connect the untouched (and full) 45kl tank to the other 3 x 45kl tank on a 25mm balance line - LDPE irrigation, because no pressure, for the cost of 150m of pipe, plus a few fittings. It's weird getting creativity back after 5 years struggling day to day just to function.


@TechnicalKO The beta blockers were obvious when I stopped them, the antibiotics with simultaneous improvement in sinus - didn't know that a long-term infection could fuck you up like this. The sudden lack of cognitive impairment is freaking J out a bit, especially when occurring simultaneously with all these falls.

@grumpysmiffy I'm so pleased to hear you're getting back to closer to manufacturer's spec.

@TechnicalKO Even if I am scaring everybody! People have either got used to zombie mode, or never known any different.

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