I have been - indisposed for a while. Like five years. a combination of beta blockers, and a long-running (as in years) sinus infection, which went acute just over a year ago, and has been reluctant to be controlled. Wind forward to about ten weeks ago, when I was REALLY sick, GP gave green light to my suggestion of long-term therapeutic dose of doxycline, which I've had before, tolerate well, and it works.


Beta blockers have been in my past since February, and ten weeks into the doxycline - WHOA. I haven't been able to taste for weeks and weeks, and that even includes birdseye chillis. Previous couple of days, the hot mustard I have in my lunches has come over as - maybe I'm don't need half a jar per slice anymore. It actually appears to be a bit hot. Last night I COULD NEARLY TASTE MY DINNER. But this pales into comparison...

...because, after five years of zero creativity, zero motivation, and the biggest stack of unread books. My spark has returned. Like in the last couple of days. I'm now back where I left off, aged 46. So now I need to get my body back to 47, which is doable, done it before.

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