@TechnicalKO Apocalyptica may be worth a visit. Finnish metal 'cello band. Borrows vocalists.

@TechnicalKO @urbanfuzzy Worlds Collide (the previous one) has a cover of Bowie's Helden* sung by Till Lindermann, which is my favourite rendition of the song so far.

*Only recently discovered that Helden is NOT a German cover of Heroes, but a canon German version. Apparently there are other language versions, and I'd buy an album of them if I could find one. I prefer the German over the English, just for the sound of the lyrics.

@TechnicalKO @urbanfuzzy Previous favourite in terms of who did Helden* best was by MIA** - but that version remains special in other ways. Mieze Katz is such a kick-arse punk singer and carries it so well, and the whole thing just sounds right as a piece


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