So, folks running their own instances, advice please? I try to maintain WeRWorld on Twitter as a safe space for both hosts, and followers. Which isn't that easy given the nature of the platform, but I do maintain a block list, and disable RTs from accounts the account follows (with a few exceptions, like past hosts.)

Looks like I can go one better with @werworld, by de-federating certain instances, if I understand correctly? If so, is there a public List Of Arseholes I can start with?

The other thing I need to do is to actually find some accounts to follow, otherwise it will be a pretty empty timeline. Of course, I can export/import my own follows, at least those who are public, which will be a start.

@grumpysmiffy @werworld You may want to check @blockchain , although as of a few days ago it is no longer being updated.

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