Sad stuff 

With Garth put to sleep on Sunday, and the next day a public holiday, today is the day that Chas comes. Former landscaper, now full time Bobcat (skid-steer front loader) operator, Chas is our digger and filler of graves (we always kep one dug) post holes and the like. And one of the most reliable people I have ever met. Once contacted, there's always one less worry, as he'll turn up when he says. Waiting for him now.

Sad stuff 

Also getting him to get the broken post out of the horse yard, as the barrel protecting it is falling apart, get him thinking about patching the drive that he put down about 16 years ago, and filling in the swimming pool so it can become a shade house, so we can move the vegetables out of the car port.


Soon, my fluffy puppy, you will be at your final rest.

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