RIGHT NOW, I'd like more wine, and gin.

Not going to happen. I have to drive first thing (doctor appointment) plus drop in/pick up prescriptions.

Placed an order with Seeed Studio, in China. I fully expected it not to be processed until the 7th, because of the lunar new year holiday. Just had a mail to say it's been shipped. DAFUQ?

Great crowd to deal with, and very keen pricing on some really cool electronics.

Definitely be using them for my next PCB order.

Hmm. Amazon search on "Learning Dart" did NOT get me the results I was expecting. Had to very specifically "search in" Kindle Store.

And I now have Flutter for Dummies.

Schrodinger's Pooh: Simultaneously infringing Disney's copyright, and not infringing Disney's copyright, until an observer can determine if he's wearing a little red shirt.
#quantummechanics #disney #pooh #ip

Attack and Fall really is the highlight of Glass's Akhnaten. It was a bitter disappointment that, when I saw it live, it was in a theater with godsawful acoustics.

It's a fucken amazing opera, though.

sometimes cripplepunk is black studded clothes and barbed wire on your walker and forcing ableds to confront their assumptions on what a disabled person is

sometimes cripplepunk is using your DIY adapted segway to pull your kids and your friend along a suburban street

Should it be:

(I was going to add "hamo interretiarius" but didn't want to skew a serious question.)


"frequency": 917.7999877929688

That's in MHz. And I don't believe measurement to that degree is possible with the given equipment.

work, relief 

Phew. Better late than never, but I have now been paid.

I know that I was taught to write smaller numbers as words, but I am trying to break myself of the last of this habit. Why? Because I have plenty of social media correspondents for whom English is not a first language, so why make it hard for them?

I certainly appreciate others doing it for me. Just imagine if I had to figure out numbers in Danish. (Danish numbers are absolute batshit, even worse than French.)

Seeeduino Xiao with carrier board, providing 8 grove connectors. I think that one of them is a UART, so I can hang a LoRaWAN modem and 7 sensors off it.

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Seeeduino Xiao. Arduino compatible, but with a SAMD21G low power 32 bit ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller, rather than the traditional 8 bit AVR AT Mega MCU.

Earbud for scale.


Whoo! Scotland Yard on the party case now.

My parcel from China arrived! Connector boards for Arduino and Raspberry Pi for Grove (a wiring system) sensors, STM32 LoRoWAN development module, and a couple of Seeeduino Xiao devices, Arduino compatible, low power ARM boards, with Grove breakout.

So basically setting up Arduino plus Grove devices, plus LoRoWAN. The latter part being related to my work. And same for Raspberry Pi.

TFW you upload the GET binary to the POST Lambda function and can't figure why it isn't working...

selfie, moth contact 

Someone landed on me when I was putting out the washing.

Antisocial pets. 

Neighbours appear to have bloody peacock, or something that sounds like one.

Finally got around to filtering a popular word puzzle out of my timeline. The vomit colours were starting to get on my nerves. (Plus I find games annoying.)


I say "in my usual pain" but a load more general discomfort. I may hit the opiates. I am so fucking done with this.

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I'm in my usual pain, I've got bad guts (not usual) after having cold omelette for breakfast, I'm stressed as fuck for being owed heaps, and not being paid, I think I am sexually frustrated, but am ACE/ARO, and right now, I am just ARGH!

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