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Health & Coffee 

Last year, I was getting a load of weird neurological shit, which I attributed to the major sinus infection that was causing problems elsewhere.

After a couple of months on not too bad supermarket coffee beans, I got my favourite single-origin Sumatran for a treat.

I now know that my morning's two double shot espressos followed by two pots of green tea is fine - with the supermarket coffee.

With the Sumatran, it's tea OR coffee, not both.

Today confirms this.

The only problem I have with dealing with other people is having to remember what day of the week it is.

Ə: The Most Common Vowel in English -"Schwa" is the most common vowel in English. Every English speaker uses it, all the time, but most people have never heard of it.

The latest Language Files video with me, @tomscott, and @mollykruhl t.co/QVZfQ1Uhuu #linguistics

@pelagikat Do you know anything about wool dyes from Indigenous Australian materials?

Work - Confidence Issues 

WTAF? I mis-read an email I'd been copied on, that read (to me) like I had been dumped.

Blah, blah, have appointed a developer, appreciate our assistance with knowledge transfer - the developer is ME.

My client was merely actioning a support request that had been requested by... ME

Hi there! My name is Zoé, I'm new to Mastodon and also don't have any contacts using this 😭 (hope to lure them here at some point, though). Do you have any recommendations for instances I could join about permaculture, artists on sustainability, zero waste, veganism, zine makers? Thanks a lot!! 😍

Free Fish 

Did a rare in-person foray into Woolies, as online can't get the chicken right, and doesn't even list the filled pasta that I buy.

Remembered I was out of frozen discounted to clear salmon, so grabbed a pack to make gravad lax. Spotted some ocean trout, and thought I'd gravad that for a change.

Self service checkout said "unknown item, you will be assisted at checkout." Did she do a manual entry for it? Nope. Just deleted it off the system, and said don't worry about it. $11 for free

Status: being annoyed about Wong Fae (王菲) being referred to as Fae Wong, because racist imperialist jizz-trumpets insisting on reversing Asian names.

Bet they wouldn't do it to Jong-Un Kim, 'cause he's a bloke, and also has nukes.

Related: just ordered the album 胡思亂想 because of the Cocteau Twins influence/input. I can neither read nor understand sung Cantonese, but then I can't exactly understand Elizabeth Fraser, and that's never been a problem.

I've never really looked at podcasts before, I don't process speech very well, so it's not a useful medium for me to consume.

But. But. Would you not think that a page of podcast episodes would contain a link to an RSS feed? The page is pure HTML.

Well done, Apple.

DAFUQ? I Just heard "job of work" used on TV. Oh, the person involved looks a ways older than me. As you were. Thought for a moment that my archaic English was coming back into fashion.


Well, it's only 0830 over there but I just got "Thank you for contacting us. It should be fixed now."

Can't say fairer than that.

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Great when you take Monday off, and half the work you did over the weekend isn't there any more.

Well, it's THERE, but it's just not displaying.

Fired off another ticket to the Corsicans...

Just got yelled at by client to take downtime. This is not the first time this has happened. That my clients give a shit about me to this degree - I really appreciate this.

I'm careful to say that the majority of my my English-language music collection is BRITISH because, fuck, I can't over-emphasise the importance of the Scottish element.

And yes, currently listening to Grangemouth's finest.

And made the mistake of semi-random order of albums and am listening to Milk and Kisses, which should only ever come last, as I always end up getting upset by Seekers Who Are Lovers, because it is a beautiful track AND THEIR VERY LAST.

Good morning, all! It's Sunday which, in my work cycle, is similar to the Friday in the more traditional work cycle. So taking an actual day off tomorrow, partly for my own sanity, partly because there are kitchen tasks that require more spoons than I have on a working day. (Unblock refrigerator condensate drain, clean bottom of fridge, make zuurkool, make tomato sauce for pasta.)

Health (-) 

I appear to be getting a bunch of symptoms back that I had this time last year, thankfully WITHOUT an I can't believe I stayed out of hospital sinus infection.
Hoping my new nose medications plus sodium cromoglycate eyedrops can hold off the bit where I got reduced to about 25% vision due to (what I now know to be) discharge from optical mucosa.

With a new client, after too long without work, I CAN'T afford to get too sick to work again. Just hope I get JobKeeper for some stability.


I just managed to lose the entire morning creating a Google Doc. The lack of a save button was driving me nuts yesterday (first time I'd seen the application), but I've now got over that, and am finding it quite a reasonable tool for creating structured text that my client can see just by looking at it. (IE: I don't have to send it anywhere.)

Reflecting on the sectors I have serviced over the years...
Currently working for a martial artist who does self defence training, but have worked with government, quangos, Internet, sex work, tech start-ups, and where am I going with this?

With one (as I can recall) notable exception, my best experiences have been working with businesses run by women.

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