Might be a bit quiet this week. I'm admin of the WeRWorld Twitter RoCur, and spending Birthday Week on-deck.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

Of all the wonderful things that could happen, I appear to have un-buggered the DB issue at the seminary. (They're launching in a week, so ultra-urgent.)

✅ Feed horse
✅ Load dishwasher
✅ Sink hand-washing up
✅ Wash pans
✅ Wash large dog rug
✅ Wash towels
✅ Vaccinate 3 oldest dogs for parvovirus 💉 (This is vastly easier and cheaper than getting them to the vet, where they could actually pick up the virus.)
✅ Debug DB conversion process for the Orthodox theological seminary (my side-hustle.)

Goodnight, folks. I've got to the point of celebrating birthday-eve, in addition to the week after. Tomorrow I hit 54. I know some people stop counting but, with my health issues, every next year is a bonus!

Anyone who feels the want to raise a glass or cup (I am a huge tea drinker) tomorrow, come in and join the jam!

How do *you* write longer threads on Mastodon?

You could always reply to the first post at the top, or keep replying to the most recent post in the chain. I'm not sure if either is better.

Boosts welcome.

@rogbeer 24 hours after jab (bear in mind this is my first Pfizer, previous AZ) basically all the things I've got that can flare up, have. So mostly fibromyalgia, muscle spasm/weakness. Eyes very gunky.

So, not pleasant, but not incapacitating (so far.)


Was just told last night that a very kind, good-humoured person who was an integral part of the Aussie Twitter community (at least, the community I am part of) passed away in his sleep on Wednesday.

Shocked, devastated, struggling to process. I knew he had health issues, but nothing like that.

Farewell, Nick.

Loading the freezers at the other end was another matter. Like hobbit children, raising eight Labradors takes a lot of provender.

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Dog meat day. Which entails me going to the freight depot, and lugging a bunch of 20kg boxes off a pallet, and into the car. I was down to the last two boxes, when the boss materialised on a forklift, and moved the pallet to the car, so the last two boxes were a straight transfer. I gave a hearty Thank You! and got a have a great weekend back. It sort of restored my faith in humanity, and made a spoon-sapping process almost enjoyable.

Since my good friend @\TechnicalKO isn't on here anymore, thought I'd let you know that he is doing the Great Cycle Challenge, "riding to fight kids cancer" again.

If you'd like to donate, he's here: greatcyclechallenge.com.au/Don

COVID adjacent, John Lydon 

All this talk of opening up, I can only think of this.



Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?


I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!




watch, birthday 

I wanted a watch for my birthday, specifically a manual wind Seiko Japanese Railways official issue.

Whilst I'd have liked a 1967, More than happy with a 1977.

I will be eschewing wrist watches (again.) I have had a few Russian pocket watches, but they aren't that wonderful quality, and tend to pack up after not very long, even though they were supposed to have been serviced.

This one has been PROPERLY serviced and very much look forward to receiving it.

Just to prove a point (that a big Windows server is not required) I just cross-compiled my modified Telegraf for Raspberry Pi, and it works just fine.

Every day I grab my MBA from the living room, take it into my office, plug it into the mains, shut the lid, and VNC into it from the desktop.

Today it occurred to me - provided it's on mains power, I don't need to take it out of the living room at all.

Here I am, typing on it over VNC, with it in another room entirely. WoL is a bit slow, but it works.

Work +ve 

Woohoo! Gotta love Golang. I was gearing up to rebuild my weekends work for Windows, on a Windows machine. Nope. Change the GOOS environment variable, re-run make. Done.

I did have to go to Woolies to get a thumb drive so I could transfer the binary between the build (Linux) and test (Windows) laptops, because OneDrive is less than impressive with large files, but I got there.

There will be celebratory beers tonight.


It's horrible having to use Windows, but when the server is actually an EC2 instance, damn, are downloads FAST? Like everything sub-second.

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Whoo. Having to battle Windows Server 2019, as client won't deploy our stuff on Docker. How shitsome.

Default permissions won't let IE11 access Microsoft sites. *slow clap*

Found how to disable Internet Explorer Advanced Security Configuration, and installed Firefox.

Hopefully installing a Go build environment might happen now.


"microsoft remote desktop mac exit full screen"

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