@TechnicalKO Still trying to go the Vagrant route. Worked OK on the Mac Mini, put trying to do it on my Ubuntu laptop, I find that the distributed DEB of Vagrant doesn't support current checksums. So now having to download a DEB direct from Vagrant, to try again.

At least download speeds are being a bit more reasonable today.

Status (whilst trying to download Laravel) - trying to remember how to do impedance calculations so that I can make a balun to hook up a TV in a room with no socket, but with CAT5 - so 75Ω unbalanced to 100Ω balanced.

An error occurred while downloading the remote file. The error
message, if any, is reproduced below. Please fix this error and try

OpenSSL SSL_read: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errno 54

Tommy:~ smiffy$ vagrant box add laravel/homestead

But - it's very English. I've seen a couple of toots in what I think is Japanese, a thread in German, and one in Italy.

Was hoping to find Swedish/Dutch content, but guess I'll have to stick to my :birdsite: primary for that.

I needed a social media distraction, so have just been replying to a few people on the federated feed. It's really quite interesting, don't know if it's time of day because, last time I dipped my toes in, I bailed hard and fast.

Because I'm looking for work, I've unlocked. Wonder if I'll regret this.


I actually got to make a joke today where I was able conflate TMI (Too Much information) with TMI (Three Mile Island) and have to say I'm rather pleased about that.

And also some obscure stuff about submarine propulsion.

Fuck, yeah!

First appointment with physician (specialist, in billing terms) - would be at least a Schedule B consult - bulk billed.

Checked with MRI place - because ordered as such by specialist, MRI brain/pituitary/sinus ALSO BULK BILLED!

I just have to stump up $40 for hire of the ambulant blood pressure monitor.

I love socialised healthcare.


Trying to figure what was the point of going to the doctor on Monday. Other than an unremarkable chest x-ray, I'm still presenting with the same symptoms a week after they appeared. See what my own GP says on Monday, I guess.



Well, that's interesting. Now that I no longer have a single professional role (ha ha ha, best way to say been made redundant!) I like that I am back to reading on diverse topics again. (Thanks. @ben_hr for getting me back into the Big Picture.)

So I'm off. Happy Krampusnacht, one and all!

So our lab produced an air pollution, specifically smoke health monitoring app (AirRater.org) which isn’t *officially* sanctioned in NSW and I’m not going to promote it on Twitter in case 6 million new users crash our servers, but Sydney peeps, you may find it useful. Alerts you of pollution peaks, records your symptoms etc.

Stay safe, especially if you've got iffy lungs.

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