Having a laugh with my boss, out of hours, and on the other side of the planet - priceless.


Parted company with a vendor, because of Palestine. Can't say more, but this is more than just a case of values not aligning.


Injection paraphenalia 

Joy, I get to stick myself twice today. Testosterone HRT, and B12. The T is every six weeks, and I tend to do the B12 at the same time, just so I remember. The T being in my calendar, since being late with that can be highly unpleasant

Should say that bedroom is onot heated. But first going back to traditional - can't get an old-school nightgown, but have sourced a long Merino teeshirt thing (not cheap, but local production) and have an acrylic hat I can wear, as that's a major source of heat loss.

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Things I wouldn't expect to be hard: ordering a winter blanket. Because logistics, partner is in a hospital(style) bed in another room, I'm left with half of a king-size, with dual matresses. Finding an appropriate blanket to cover my usual single sheet has NOT been easy. But I got there. Last winters I used a sleeping bag as a cover, not going to repeat that.

Looking forward to an acrylic fleece covering.

I have tried some very interesting beers tonight, including some that can't be repeated, as I got them end of line. I will just say that Germany has certainly done wonders with craft beers.


My partner dragged me out of bed early to move this Trictena atripalpis from the patio before the dogs got her.

After what seems like a lifetime of using scp and rsync from the command line, I've just used cyberduck to pull some backups off the server with drag'n'drop. I feel dirty.

I generally fall asleep to music. Normally rap. Last night I chucked on Five Miles Out, and boy, do I have an earworm from the title track.

Today I learnt that if you set up a WordPress site on a temporary domain, then change the domain for production - that temporary domain is hard-coded throughout the database, and just changing the site URL in the dashboard does little useful.

SOLUTION (and it's really easy).

Dump the database, open the dump file in your favourite text editor, search and replace the temporary domain with the production domain, reload the database.

Shit that it gets hard-coded, but the work-around isn't hard.

No, YOU'RE listening to Klaus Schultze's Are You Sequenced? again.

Crikey, my maths is rusty. I gave a 30% discount by 1 - 0.3 = 0.6

Thankfully realised my error before I sent it. MULTIPLY BY NOUGHT POINT SEVEN!

Right now, the phrase "but the Nazis have outlawed miracles" comes to mind.

Thank you, Eslint, you have saved me much frustrating debugging.

Having just had a microslep on my feet, yes I'm going back to bed for half an hour.


Ending Friday with - a meeting. 7 minutes to go. After dinner is always a case of "will I stay awake?" (It's mid-morning for the others).

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