I have been very good. At least, the nurse this morning said there was nothing she could take me to task about. (Ditto from previous pathology.)

HOLY CRAP, my merge request from my work over the weekend was not only approved, but without comments. Hopefully means I can be productive tomorrow.

OK, I had it when I was hypomanic, but I think my eidetic memory might be coming back. Hoo fucking ray, I think I'm getting my brain back, despite my age. Explained to psychiatrist why I'd started language studies, and the cognitive/memory improvements I have been getting, and said that neuroplasticity is real, if she'd nodded her 'ead any 'arder, it would of dropped orf.
So good to have professional validation, anyway.

@pelagikat For some weird reason, the web version of Mastodon (at least this instance) doesn’t show a follow button, and Mastonaut shows a follow button that does’t actually do anything.

“Ich kann nicht glauben, dass es nicht Nightwish ist.”

“I can’t believe it’s not Nightwish.”

At least, it sounds like a track that got missed of Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Just with male lead vocals, and in German.

Bannkreis - Sakrament


(Sorry it’s PITA shitty Spotify, but they aren’t on SoundCloud or BandCamp.)

478g iPad vs 182g Kindle. Finally admitting to myself that an iPad is a wee bit heavy for a reader. Plus the last book I bought crashes the iPad app. Getting myself a Paperwhite for my birthday, hopefully getting back into reading on a regular basis after too long sick.

Spotify deleted; life’s too short to handle shit like that.

I have not used Spotify before, but the iOS app is the worst fucking UX I’ve seen in the last year. I cannot figure how to play a track.

Best Mastodon app for Android? (phone, not tablet)

It gives me certain satisfaction in that, having now tracked down the source of a bug, the culprit is pretty much “unexpected item in the bagging area.”

MH, Customer Service 

MH, Customer Service 

MH, Customer Service 

Imagine if umbrella ownership didn't turn off that part of your brain that registers the existence of other people.
What a world that would be.

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