I thought Dutton was turning over a new leaf?

His comments on the treatment of the Murugappan family are those of a complete and utter shitcunt.

Seriously, I was ready to give him a chance, being non-partisan, but looks like Libs = bunchacunce.

Follow requests: if you have no profile, no toots, I will reject. Please don't be that person. You are joining a community, do the right thing. Don't be shy, we are nice!

If you are a bot, however, you can fuck right off.

Was a bit miffed to see a toot that hadn't CW/d politics, but then realised it was the European Commission, so...

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Feels kind of weird, but my disability parking permit has arrived. Often, I won't need it but, on the days I do, I really do.

Guess that means I'm OFFICIALLY disabled.

Based on a YouTube recommendation, whilst I was looking the last toot up, looking for video, I have been recommended Mariska, rapper (and other genres.)

Couple of rock numbers I liked, not sure that I get on with her voice in the early rap recordings.

Hmm. Just sampled some more later work.

Think I'm just not in the mood, but definitely need to follow up.

Here's the YouTube topic. Looks like most, if not all, albums are provided officially as playlists under this topic:

Evangelising about some awesome Finnish music over on :birdsite: so might as well share over here, too.

What happens when you mix rap with prog rock? The album Olisinpa täällä by Pyhimys and SAIMAA is what.

A sample:

Olen odottanut kärsivällisesti


beer, Ukraine 

Enjoying a can of Puck Futin, just spotted the Cyrillics on the side - червоні очі, (Chervoni ochi.) Ahhh - red eyes. That must be the local name, and explains the label drawing!

Recipe shared by Ukraine's Правда (Pravda) brewery.

Damn shame that my 12 cans are all that I'll ever get to see, because I really like it.

Love that a simple swipe of the space bar on my iPad has me into Ukranian Cyrillic.

beer, Ukraine 

Realised you can't see the name of the beer, Puck Futin in the shot, but in the image description.

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beer, Ukraine 

Puck Futin! Australian brewed, very limited edition, red ale, to a Ukranian recipe. Rather pleasant. Proceeds to Ukranian charity. I don't know what's with the green skinned, red eyed (zombie?) diver, though. Surely a John Deere towing a tank...

Fuck video “documentation” and write a goddamn user manual

One of the things that draws me to is the community. I'm still very much learning and, no matter what the question, there's always a prompt, and helpful answer on the Gophers Slack channel.

Also very lucky that I'm able to learn on-the-job. I was engaged as a generalist; here, this is the language we're going to use, learn it as you go.

Freshly minted, non-fungible socks. Made by my partner only yesterday on her vintage sock machine. And unique!

A big what's missing from :birdsite: for me is RoCurs (rotation-curation accounts.) I tried to get this going back in 2019, when I was manic (because medications; long story) but am now giving serious thought to getting this going again.

I run the WeRWorld RoCur on Twitter. It's bloody hard work keeping a supply of hosts going, but it can be very rewarding, especially after the multi-hosted Eurovision week.

Should I entangle myself further, and do this? Would anyone be prepared to assist in management?

I want this to be a Thing, but have so few spoons...


Gave up, and took tramadol this morning. What brings this to mind? It's worn off!

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Jabbed! This is my #5. (3 primaries, 2 boosters.)

physical health - 

There have been times that I have wondered why I applied for a mobility parking permit. Then yesterday happened. Thank goodness I keep a stick in the car.

Today I gave in and hit the tramadol, leading to a very weird sensation of spasm, but without the pain.

Absolutely fuck this combination of fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Another quick question for people who speak and write in languages other than English: Do you get upset when people use translation software to reply to your posts if they are not native speakers/writers? Why or why not?

If y'all could boost this post so that I can get more responses from people who speak/write English and at least one other language, that would be great! #CommunityDevelopment

G’day fellow Aussies, I know most of you on here are also happy about the recent election result but can you please use Content Warnings on your public & unlisted toots about it?


New team: Congratulations. You are on notice. Don't. Fuck. Up.



For some reason, I always feel more comfortable yelling in Scots. Also, they have the best non-ableist curses.

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