Sheeeeeit! Thoughts even more with the folk of MEL 😢 That's a helluva jump overnight.

Someone said "is that still a thing?" when I announced I was on Mastodon. Is it?
Boost this so we actually get a few votes maybe? How far can it go?


Tried the Demoiselle "Silversmith" lemon myrtle vodka. This distillery just keeps winning me over.

Put it in my not really negroni recipe - vodka, Demoiselle absinthe, Gamel Dansk, cab merlot. Quite the flavour explosion.

And this is where I want to be. Drinking far less, but getting treats of very intense flavour. Because with current health conditions, I am losing so many flavours, can't even taste chilli. These aromatics, I can.

Can anyone identify the specific name of this data port? It actually connects to an ethernet cable using only 4 pins, two pair. This is used in the automotive industry.

please boost.

This is what I've been up to for the last couple of months. Self defense for women based on everyday moves. iOS version coming soon.

From @ SusieKahlich on :birdsite:

Hey wanna know a secret?

*If you go to my website
* and go to the "App" page
* then scroll down to the Google Play button & click on it
* you can download my app

*Music by @ penfriendrocks and eternal thanks to @ smiffy -- no secret there :)

Please recommend me a sturdy child-proof Android tablet.

It’s not for children, it’s for our employees on the factory floor, who—despite having no trouble moving half-ton moulding tools around—will drop a tablet onto concrete on the first day.

The only app I need is a web browser. If I can lock the device to only web browsing, even better.

I am in Australia. Boosts welcome.

2020 was the year I got scared for all of my friends, not just those living in the USA. And I am in no way joking.

Health, answers? 

Well, what I've been tentatively calling fibromyalgia is now backed up by a rheumatolgist, including some issues that I wasn't.

And I have his blessing to take my favourite anti-inflammatory concurrently with aspirin, which is really going to upset the pharmacists, but is going to solve problems for me.


All God's children need traveling shoes
Drive your problems from here
All good people read good books
Now your conscience is clear…

Yeah, I know, socks with clogs, but these are new Birkies, and I've got a LONG day in them, and wanted to retain some of the skin on my feet.

Related: have to remember to seal the exposed cork.

I love that my client seeks my counsel, and that I am involved in design decisions, but I'm a lazy sod at the end of the day, and some of this is too much like thinking.

I jest. This gig is just about the least technical I've done, and very much being a generalist. I need more like this.

So this is what I was aiming for, my own interpretation of negroni. Vermouth becomes cab merlot with absinthe, bitters is Gamel Dansk (which I already know goes with the cab merlot) and gin is - a very good gin.

Without the wine, the mixed spirit Just Works - I was partly expecting a bit of a clash, but no. Together, I've achieved what I sought. Drinking far less than before, I sought a heavy flavour hit, and got it.

Afternoon haze gin sampler (50ml) sampler from the Demoiselle distillery in NSW. Quite. Exquisite. Sample pack is one gin, one vodka, one absinthe (which I already know). Tasted a little on its own, rest is cocktail history.

A horse walks into a bar and says, "On a right angled triangle with sides x, y and z where x and z are perpendicular, which is opposite the right angle?" and the barman says "y, the long face"

A month ago, I offered free editorial services, with priority given to bipoc, lgbtia+, and similar marginalized people. Nobody has taken me up on it, but the offer still stands. I'm a technical writer with a thirty year career, and a ttrpg author and book editor with twenty years of publications across multiple companies. Please help me find relevance by helping you.

I love* how people respond to support tickets without actually reading the fucking thing.

Well, this is certainly different. The eclectic style is if like anything else, not too far removed from Björk, in that it is just simply DIFFERENT.

Seafarer - the debut solo album of Lindy-Fay Hella (of Wardruna).

Give it a go!

GNU/Linux distro poll 

If you use GNU/Linux what are the distro(s) you use based on? I'm curious what the breakdown is, particularly just how many people on here use a Debian-based distro.

(Debian-based includes Ubuntu, PureOS, Trisquel, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Pop!_OS...

RPM-based includes Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, openSUSE...

Arch-based includes Manjaro, Parabola, Hyperbola...)

(If you use GNU/Hurd you can answer too.)

Filling in a "how did our customer service do" survey for a Singaporean owned company, and the "our team" picture looks - reassuringly credible, not the usual whitewashed Shutterstock crap.

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