The guy who fixed the tractor is going to rejuvenate* the slasher. I really, really hope he doesn't get sick, or leave the district, or anything.

*Rebuild. The whole top is buggered.

Morning link: Twitter, astronomy, kind of heartbreaking 

There was a drone inspecting the Arecibo dish's antenna at the moment it collapsed

"Hej igen.
Boken är på väg. 6-7 dagar trodde posten.
Trackingnumber är RR870261591SE.
Allt gott"

Someone's being a bit optimistic! The last book I ordered from overseas rocked up on Tuesday. I ordered it in JUNE.

Well, lookie here! I knew that the latest iOS allows you to set your own default browser, but have just discovered that the same applies to mail client, so I now have ProtonMail as my default. 👍

I honestly can't remember when I last had an advent calendar. This one is from Beer Cartel, and is probably the most exciting I've had, although the Danish airship was pretty cool.

Cleaned most of ensuite, cut suckers out of roses, disconnected mains from one old smoke alarm, dismounted, fitted mounting plate for new one. (Need to do the same for the other, as new ones are wireless, and need to be installed together). Miele has oven light back in stock, ordered.

This may sound like a lot of spoons, but it's a hell of a difference being on half the dose of quetiapine.

I have long avoided Adobe beyond the Acrobat reader, because Evil Empire.

Will I regret installing Photoshop Express on my phone, will I get sucked into something terrible and expensive? (It says it's free, but...)

From chrisalbon on :birdsite:

Late 1960s: “We will build a distributed global network so that if a single node is destroyed by a nuclear attack, the network is unaffected.”

2020: us-east-1 is down so you can’t turn on your oven.

Listening to Jean-Michel Jarre's Chronologie. Very evocative. I bought it in France, after hearing it on the radio, on one of my wonderful holidays.

Miss being able to drive to the port after work, wake up in the morning, drive off, and be in France.

Yeah, so, I've said it in a private conversation, but I'll say it here, in public. If you need to chat, rant, whatver, I am here for you. Or will be when I get up, as about to go to bed.

No matter how trivial. Just shout, OK?

On :birdsite: I'm talking to a hydraulic engineer in Bengaluru about sewage treatment - and he has worked with the crowd that runs the plant I visited in about 1982, as a kid, back in England

Now I've got someone I can talk shit with, literally.


For those copping the heat today, stay hydrated, check in on the vulnerable, and don't forget to put out (and top up) water for our outside friends!

This is our lizard bowl. Frequented by birds, but also low enough for the lizards to use (which I have seen).

@jeroen What is the Dutch equivalent of "fuck Elsevier" without using loan-words (so not using the English "fuck" which seems very common in Scandinavia)

One thing I miss från Twitter is being able to comment a boost. So with reference to my last boost, Fuck Elsevier.

And now cursing myself, as I can't remember how to say that in Dutch.

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