Wow, watching stuff getting archived - there is SO MUCH needs cleaning up in there! So. Much. Wasted. Space.

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Trying to move OwnCloud from SG to SYD. Doesn't look like rsync can do it, so just making a biiiig tarball.

And yes I've paused synchronisation.

Ahahaha. Found a typo in the cron job on the old box. /etc/letsencrypt wasn't getting backed up. Heh.

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So I've moved my non-database (because I haven't set that up yet) sites to my new Linode. Latest version of certbot, so all the warnings about out of date ACME should go away. certbot renew --dry-run. Oh, my, it doesn't half upset things if you changed the A records, but AAA records still point to the old box. Certbot NOT happy!

Just waiting for DNS propagation before I try again.

"Under the plan the Prime Minister 'can assume primary responsibility' for leading efforts to quell an outbreak..."

Although I fail to see exactly what use buggering off to Hawaii would be.

So - if you/anyone you know needs someone with Perl/PHP/JavaScript/MySQL/MongoDB/and much more skills, hit me up 👍Immediate availability.

So I was told that my design was spot on, when it became urgent, I delivered in the promised timeframe, I chase up the pull request today, get a call from the agent saying it's off.

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Three ayeeyem
Three ayeeyem
Three ayeeyem eternal
(Ancients of Mu)

Can we have some sort of content warning, for any music which contains whistling? And make it illegal for use in advertising?

Still waiting for my pull request. I WANT TO GET ON WITH MY WORK. Even if I am up to hours quota.

Aaaand I've just delivered my first major job of work for the new gig. In way less time that was originally allowed. Just waiting on a pull request.

FUCK. I forgot what I discovered yesterday, that one of my :birdshite: people, whom I'd assumed to be from the USA obviously isn't, as they're tweeting in Nederlands.

So I've now been in this gig since last Wednesday. The only code I've committed was some necessary tidying up to allow the next phase to happen. So had yet to prove my worth. Today I presented a "this is what I propose to do to your code, to achieve the objective," with a couple of questions. The response was a big YES, with some very valuable information I could never have gleaned by scrutinising the code. I feel like I've passed a test, from both the client, and my worst critic.

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When you're in a new gig, and a mail from the senior developer starts a mail with "Your entire process looks good to me." YAS!

Means I can spend the weekend quietly coding, rather than tearing my hair out.

@aussocialadmin Regarding performance, I just had a toot appear in the web UI whilst it was vanishing off the screen on my phone. Considering I'm only on ADSL, that's pretty damned impressive.

Good morning. Routine a bit different today, so got to see the sunrise. (I'm normally outside before and after, but not during.)

When you see someone on :birdshite: tweet in Dutch, when you thought they were American, and check their timeline, and it's all Dutch, en nu ben ik heel fucking verward, en wat het fucking fuck gebeurt er. Ik heb een groot bier nodig.

My first pull request with the new crowd has been merged! I feel so grown up!

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