@mike For those of us who have had distractions, I get the understanding that you are back home, in VIC.

So sorry to be a pain, but I missed how you got from outback SA, to home.

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So I braced myself and read the message. Which started with the word "brilliant." What? Appreciated my (fairly detailed) analysis, agreed with it, and is very happy to have me working on this.

Apparently the specification that I bid on, but am now recommending against, was just some kid giving the client casual advice, so now we do thing MY way.

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Yesterday I didn't exactly say no to a client, but advised what was requested (replacing a system) wasn't a good idea, would take too much work, and it would be better for me to just document what's already there, and tidy up the interface.

From my side, a question of working smarter, not harder (and working less).

As I fell off the rails last night with no drinking during the week, seeing a message come back meant the anxiety I felt about it increased tenfold...

A maintenance advisory saying "internet connection may be affected" didn't say anything about it being out for 10 hours! Not amused. But it's come back at nearly the clapped speed up 25Mbps. At least for now.

Just re-tested, 23.6Mbps, and we're into peak time. Can't complain, especially since my up speed has doubled.

Anyway, Duolingo would never have taught me "paska." Only curse I know otherwise is perkele, but everyone knows that.

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I shouldn't giggle, because it's a terrible thing to say, but "Saksa on paska maa" as a song title on a sports/Olympics themed album does rather amuse me. (Lit: Germany is a shit country. Finnish).

It always brings me back to the words from the Kasidah of Hajji Abdu El-Yezdi:

"Why meet we on the bridge of time, to change one greeting, then to part?"

I have always found that so profound, and so me. And yes, I KNOW that it wasn't the translation it claimed to be, and was the whole work of Sir Richard Frances Burton, but still.

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I WILL NEVER GET TIRED of meeting new people, even through the vague interactions of online wossname. I'm a major introvert, but I can't not give a shit about the hopes and fears of those I come across.

Father V, the only name I know for a one-off client, already worrying about fires, but not COVID (fully vaccinated).

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Seems like a nice guy, and appreciative of my attention to detail, which has got me in trouble before, with people wanting quick, rather than thorough, and excruciatingly documented, as is my wont.

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It was never my intention to have a side-hustle, but here I am. When newly out of work, I bid for a project on freelancer DOT com, which I forgot about. Now doing a fiddly little job for what I believe to become a priest in a school in Norcal.

I don't know what he thought he'd end up with on a marketplace like that, but he got me, now as much interested in making something I can be proud of, as making some $$$.

#mastoadmin bi-annual reminder that Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London continues to operate a long-term fediverse spying operation without any explanation

grep your webserver logs for, you’ll probably find that IP keeping tabs on you constantly. Drop it in your firewall blocklist while you’re at it and encourage your friends to do the same; there has been no legitimate fedi traffic from that entire netblock. My server was last rebooted only a fortnight ago and since then it’s seen over fifteen thousand connection attempts from this one address

in case you can’t see the first post in this thread, this clownshow has been going on since 2020. Nothing else i’ve been watching has been half as persistent or aggressive

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Solidarity with the eastern states. We're in a week-long, state-wide lockdown from 1800 onwards. Our team doesn't piss around.

Now that today's events have given me headspace, if lockdown, and the general COVID thing is getting you down, I'm here 🖤

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I am now working in the remote sensing sector. Multidisciplinary, including hardware. LOTS of new stuff to learn, although I do have a high level understanding, across the board, which is the reason I got the gig in the first place. The boss knows and trusts me, and knows my capabilities (in which he has more confidence than I do).

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This is the (masked) happy face of someone contemplating a new career.

So what sort of coupling is this, so I can go down the appropriate Wikipedia rabbit-hole?

@fribbledom Do I recall correctly that you're the Go person? If that is so, can you direct me to resources so that i can get at least a basic handle on it REALLY QUICKLY?

Just one of a bunch of new things of which I (might) need oversight for a new gig.

@mike No matter what you choose, or what Fate throws in your way re COVID, just wishing you well, and thanking you for sharing this adventure!

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