Don't know at what point I became able to audio type whilst having a conversation, but seriously rank this in life skills.

I was only trained to copy type, did my RSA Stage I in 1982, because I thought "computers might get popular."

Typing, for those that can, should be core curriculum.


Two supermarkets yesterday: hardly anyone scanning in, sanitising on entry, or maintaining social distancing. No sign of the COOVID marshals who are meant to be keeping it under control.

Oh, and only one mask. The one I was wearing.

Get the plague, I should care; just keep the fuck away from me.

Absolutely fuck these cheap electronic pump controllers with zero user configuration. One of two I'm dumping in favour of pressure vessel, pressure gauge, mechanical pressure switch, 5-way connector that I was specifying in my first job, back in the late 80's. IT JUST WORKED.

USPOL, watches 

NYT criticising Biden's watch.

Seriously, the most powerful man in the world can't wear a practical and fairly unostentatious Rolex?

It's about twice the new price of my Tag Heuer Link, that I got with a legacy from my aunt (after whom I named it) and which I wear every day, and I'm not the fucking president.

*eyeroll* Answer to a support chat by email - my ENTIRE QUERY is the email subject.

Writing a document in Google Docs and then getting the other party to comment on it - is a pretty handy way to collaborate. Much cleaner than email exchanges, as everything stays in the same place.

Tonight's first beer is Bent Spoke Barley Griffin Canberra Pale Ale. (I see what they did there). 4.2% Very pleasant, lovely hop aroma.

I've had more misses than hits with craft beers from Woolies, but the selections from Beer Cartel have been very, very good.


Shit. Is. Getting. Real. I have negotiated seven weeks to build a critical business system (it is the product) from scratch. This is going to make or break me.


One of the boys was barking THAT bark, because a visitor was coming under the fence. Teliqua rugosa, and a fairly old one, going on the size.

They can live for up to 50 years, and pair for life. Lovely to have as neighbours, but I wish they'd keep out of the dog yard.

Frank Farian! Listening to the Turisas cover of Rasputin (again) and trying to remember the name of the guy who wrote it, and was behind Boney M.

Just reminded that Mathias Nygård is one of those metal musicians that I could only describe as a fucking genius.

I've just filled in the gaps in my Turisas collection, and playing the lot.


Tonight's beer (I'm having two!) is Paradise Pils, by Kaiju! Beer. Far more interesting and fruity than I was expecting!

People who say a good tradesperson never blames their tools has obviously never attempted to paint a house with a shit brush

Health, coffee 

I've gone from refractory hypertension to - possibly not?

Down to about one coffee a week. Normally have through the roof whitecoat, but GP took blood pressure today and it was 164/95.


So looks like I may have found the cure, in addition to verapamil.

Not one I'm very happy about, though, but coffee was also causing increased spasticity (in addition to what I have from fibro) and inability to focus (mentally).


It feels weird spending ages finessing an email, and for doing so to be chargeable. (Because I'm a contractor).

But the email is part of the specification process so I guess "not just an email."

Every time I see Airforce One, I wonder about what weapons systems are hidden away, and anything that would make it "special."

Documentaries; inappropriate thoughts 

Ace/aro as I am, Prof Alice Roberts presenting documentaries - *swoons like a teenager*

She's definitely one of the best in that sector, now that Neil Oliver has gone totally milkshake duck.

Scicomms has become a thing, but humscomms doesn't get the recognition it should.

@zens Was just thinking of Z - for whom I'm eternally grateful for teaching me that metal covers are a Thing. Was just looking at the Turisas cover of Rasputin.

Just about to go full on for 7 weeks of making something happen that rightfully would take more than 7 weeks, and kicking it off with Nordic/Viking folk metal.

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