Thank fsck I decided to do this with my Linux laptop and not the Macbook. There's no speed negotiation on the serial port, so you HAVE to connect at 115200bps. You need to belong to the dialout group to get a screen session working.

But, and this I'm not happy about, but unsurprised because it's sodding Java, the only way to get UGS to connect is to run it as root. Even for a user in the dialout group. FFS.

- Smiffy, fighting recalcitrant serial connections since 1986

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Yesterday I tried to talk to my little CNC machine with Universal Gcode Sender, and came away a disgruntled user, assuming borked hardware. Today I dusted off my UNIX sysadmin hat, and now we're going places.

What do you reckon? Three heatsinks not mentioned in the manual, not shown in photos. Would the three daughterboards top right be stepper drivers?

Should have said: the Windows thing provided is documented as being "grblControl" so assuming this rig should work with generic control software.

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Anyone here know anything about GRBL/LinuxCNC/etc?

I've almost finished assembling this 3-axis CNC machine, which has interchangable router and laser heads. Have a mini CD (so nothing I have can load it) and no Windows machine so need to know where to go next.

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COVID-19 - Mental Health 

@TechnicalKO Pharmacy was a win. J phoned payment through so all I had to do was walk in, hold my bag open, they dropped it in, I left. I touched zero surfaces in the process.

And I sanitised the soles of my shoes when I got back.

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Have kicked off in co-hosting mode for the week; if you're on that platform come and join the community - we're all about supporting those in isolation.

Have also set up a Discord server - shout if you'd like an invite so we can group chat.

Lastly, have created a resources page, to which I'll be adding contributions:

I know it's entirely down to who I follow, on various accounts/platforms, but right here is so wholesome, like half the feed is growing, sewing, baking, pickling, wet process photography - it's got SOUL. So thank you, friends all, for such fine content that nurtures, rather than just fuelling my anxiety.

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Yay, flu symptoms! From vaccine, that is. Wonder if it's the South Australian strain (A/South Australia/34/2019 (H3N2)), and I should put the South Australia Great logo on my profile...

Re previous boost - the WeRWorld Discord server is for anybody that wants to chat, whether you need or want to give moral support, or be a part of a de-isolating community.

We're there for you, as I am myself - contact me through any channel.

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