Oh, this is MUCH more like it. My gut feeling was to go for early stuff. Just I can't get it from iTunes.

Rondò Veneziano - La Giudecca


WARNING: the poster has seen fit to add flickering images. Best listened to in a hidden tab.

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This morning was The Doge's Palace from Oldfield's The Millennium Bell. youtube.com/watch?v=WaXWLq-aCf

Looking at the Wikipedia entry, I was minded to follow up on Rondò Veneziano. Typically, iTunes doesn't have any of the really early stuff. I picked up Stagioni di Venezia - and it's not as Baroque as I was expecting. It's a bit - hold music.

I have taken a further punt on Fantasia Veneziana. If it still doesn't gel, I will move, on disappointed. And drown my sorrows in some Arcangelo Correli.

Pakistan and Bangladesh - I have to say there are FAR WORSE time zones to be working with when you're in South Australia! Austria, in particular, is a right PITA.

Related: it just occurred to me that I am the only native English speaker currently active in our organisation. (Our hardware guy is a local, but he's wrapped up in his studies right now.)


...It seems that my understanding of the business requirements has been correct, I have made the right decisions, and my changes, my design - have pre-empted requirements. I mean, I know what I'm fucking doing, but I did not want to be doing this solo.

I guess it's nice to be vindicated, but I could do without the stress. Can bury the Impostor Syndrome for a few minutes, as I really am the best person for the job.

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I have just talked with both of my bosses, who happen to be in the same place (in Austria) right now. I spend FAR too much time unable to contact my primary boss, and I find it bloody wearing. I have been making pretty well all of the design decisions on our SaaS product, which was not supposed to happen. And I have also had tomorrow assume lead developer mantle, where boss was supposed to be technical lead...


I propose renaming the Supreme Court of the US to Court United National The States.

work, PostgreSQL 

Fuck it. I'm not adding more tables where I don't need them. Going to create ENUM TYPEs instead.

Let's hear it for Finnish Metal!

Turisas - proof that electric violin is a totally appropriate metal lead instrument.

I have all the Turisas albums - but there are only 4 of them, and nothing since 2013 :-( Plus their EXCELLENT cover of Boney M's Rasputin.

Turisas - The Varangian Way

Reported the Vietnamese "money supermarket." Honestly, neither aus nor social.


Also, WTF were they thinking of, packing 40kg of pet mince into a single box? Totally at odds with health and safety for manual handling. The 20kg boxes are bad enough, but at least I can carry them, legs willing, and with a buggered wrist, which we (+physio) are working on.

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...what I am like now. Need to get a full body DEXA done, but dread to think what we will find.

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...which is why I have a power rack. Safety rails catch the bar.

But 60kg squats may be tiny compared to past ability, but it's infinitely better than DOING NOTHING.

Thank goodness I'm on androgen replacement, so any heavy exercise should be productive in terms of undoing muscle wastage.

My other big concern, being on corticosteroids, and off the weights, is losing bone density. I started off good, but dread to think...

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That's a bit depressing. How much strength can you lose in 10 years (I think) of incapacity? Lots. I struggled to lift a 40kg box, and my dysfunctional legs were NOT going to let me walk with it. Had to get help.

Of course, I shouldn't have been surprised, as my legs frequently don't work properly when I'm NOT carrying anything. Which is why I have a disability parking permit.

At least I am able to do squats again, without falling over. Apart from once, when my legs went on me...

How do you say INI, as in "an .INI file" ?

I had to run away
I had to hide
With my feet on the ground
My head in the stars
My hands in chains
My emotional scars

(Loka Nunda - Hands in Chains, from the album Free Will Zone)

Seems natural to segue into Free Will Zone - Loka Nunda, Nina Hagen, Wendy Rule & Wendy Saddington.

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