Recommended as next up after Hante.

With whom they have toured, and seem to be the best of friends.

And both on the Synth Religion label.

One more track, then I have to call the ATO :-/

Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

"Online friends aren't real friends." 

Just had a friend (have met in meatspace) that I was there for during a horrible relationship breakup last spring (sheesh, that guy was a serious See You Next Tuesday, especially for the way he covered it up) DM me on Twitter to check in on me, because she hadn't spotted me around recently.

To those people that say that online friends aren't real friends: just fuck you, and don't you think that if that's not your experience, then the problem might be you?

ItalPol, historic centenary 

I wonder if anyone has noticed - next month is the centenary of Mussolini's march on Rome, inspired by the actions of D'Anunnzio at Fiume*. Blackshirts** entered Rome on the 28th of October, PM declared a siege, overruled by king, who then appointed Benito Mussolini PM on the 29th.

So a century - you can't really blame modern Italians for having short memories, but the timing of voting the fash back in?

* I found this to be boring shit back at school, but it's getting a sort of relevance, y'know?
** I often wear black but I am DEFINITELY not of that political bent.

Just seen on Birdsite, why spend 20bn on a telescope? Our PM just blew a tenth of that on a national day of mourning with ZERO OUTCOMES.

absolutely fuck that noise.

Long live the JWT!

Curry, health - 

Don't be chronically sick folks, it sucks absolute donkeys.

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Curry, health - 

Still pouring sweat, and feeling quite feverish, despite temperature being around my baseline, but I know that you can ignore measurements when on high corticosteroid doses.

Disappointing that I won't be able to taste it due to tongue film - which even defeats hot chillis; I sweat, but taste nothing. But my partner will be able to taste it, and deserves something nice after an horrific day, her health-wise.

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Curry, health - 

Disaster! Less than a cup of Basmati, and no bulk bag in bedroom. So Basmati and some generic long-grain white rice into the rice cooker.

This being a minimal spoons dinner. If I'd been any worse, I'd have used onion flakes, and not done the whole browning thing.

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Curry, health - 

So I have half a kilo of chopped "sizzle steak," a chopped, medium brown onion, a block of my frozen vegetable sauce (tomato, zucchini, aubergine, blended but with zucchini and aubergine chunks cooked in as a second stage,) garlic granules from the farm, Chardonnay, ginger, cumin, coriander seed (not herb,) sweet Hungarian-style paprika.

Brown onion, then meat in rice bran oil, get the burnt off the pan with Chardonnay, add S&P and other spices, with frozen block of sauce.

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Meat cooking observation 

I don't rate Woolies "sizzle steaks" for schnitzel (can be too tough) but is an often generously dated source of curry beef. Needs no trimming (so no wastage) and half the cutting is already done, which I appreciate when low on spoons. As is the case tonight.


I always ask the same question: why were they storing this information in the first place? If you are doing a proof of ID, once that is done, the source data should be removed.

Product reviews 

Now this is how to get people to do product reviews.

Firstly, ask for consent at time of order.

Secondly, offer an incentive. I've already given you my money, what makes you think that I am going to do your marketing for you for free?

Review 1 product, get a $5 voucher. Review 5 or more products, get a $10 voucher.

So I left thoughtful reviews, sharing my enjoyment. I hope they encourage people to share my pleasure.

Beer Cartel, doing it right.


Reflecting again on the relationship I have with my GP. It is anything but a vanilla, doctor-patient relationship. It is a COLLEGIAL relationship. Which, with the complexities of my issues, is a good thing. So I am grateful to have someone flexible enough to work like this. We need more of them, working with educated patients.

Britons: Did you cry at any point of the passing of HRH The Queen?

But it totally suits the way I've been listening to recently - single artist, chronologically.

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Not dissimilar to Aes Dana, possibly with a bit of Jon Hopkins thrown in. Certainly very much up my alley.

Just added the remainder of his albums to my library.

This infinite music for twelve bucks a month is going to take some getting used to.

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- Trentemøller - The Last Resort.

This was an Apple Music recommendation based on Röyksopp. Endorse.

My take is that it's OK, but doesn't have the magic of early Yes.

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Something new! (To me, that is.)

Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe (1989.)

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