@zens 34 lines, including copious comments, it does what I want. Supports "traditional" array format simply by stripping the brackets, plus my format.


array ( 'foo' => array ( 0 => 'bar', 1 => 'baz', 2 => 'phleem', ), 'another param' => 'something else',)

And I also threw in a function to strip the carriage returns from var_export() so it looks less shit, when returned in a JSON message, and makes debugging easier.

Recorded without a synthesizer, Irrlicht's set of "early organ drone experiments" is "not exactly the music for which KS got famous".

Its atmospheric drone music tone is similar to Tangerine Dream's album Zeit (released the same month) as it stemmed from a common idea that Schulze and Edgar Froese couldn't agree on and parted ways over.

-- Wikipedia

Now, of course, I'm going to have to go back and listen to Zeit again, to compare.

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The WTF moment when you put on Klaus Shulze and get death metal drumming and lyrics. Er? So I selected Irrlicht, Schulze's very first album, but my iPad decided I really wanted Tristania.

I've switched to the original choice, but now wondering if I didn't want Tristania after all...

No, I've not heard this album before. New stuff first!

Not how I wanted to start my day, but have to do these things before it becomes too hot/humid for me to function outside (ie: most of the day).

It's a job I hate doing, but I'd hate it all the more without the trolley jack and rattle gun!

@zens We were talking recently about using ; as a query string separator. Guess what? PHP's $_GET doesn't handle it. Have to use &. Which is pretty crap.

Now I find myself wondering if IKB swore. I mean, I don't know much about the Victorians, but I've worked with a lot of engineers.- I'd like to think that he was a sweaty bugger.

Current groove is Epica's Design Your Universe. Recommendation from a :birdsite: friend. Seriously digging it.

So, for the time it took me to wipe/reinstall, I've taken longer to do updates. My new rule for updating Macs is ALWAYS START FROM CLEAN.

Compare updating the EliteBook from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 - under 20 minutes, from what I remember.

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If I do nothing else today, I've got my laptop nearly up to speed - about 3 hours from backup to now - and have finally turned the salmon in the fridge (8 days after best before, which I've done before) into gravad lax. Photo contains fish.

I have, on the way, a Roland orchestra module (M-OC1) because Symphonic Metal. Went hunting for a manual, found the Japanese/English parallel text version. Just LOVE the English version - it's Old School translation from Japanese. Don't see much of that nowadays.


And yes, I'm aware of the train-wreck that is called Time Machine. When Apple makes crocks o'shite, it sure does make em, and Time Machine is, in my opinion, nearly up there with iTunes.

(I once made the mistake of trying to use it to set up a new laptop; ho, boy, did I get that wrong. Hence why I've turned to trusty rsync, which I've been using to set up new servers since forever).

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So what did I learn?

I backed up my home directory to an external disc using rsync. I have just gone and cleaned up the backup, and rsync'd it back to the clean directory.

What I gained from this is a list of files and directories I do NOT want backed up, which I have now documented, and can use to build an --exclude-from file for rsync, so I can now do scripted backups, only picking up the good stuff. 👍

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So I went and wiped my MBA, and gained 80Gb on a clean reinstall. Unlike the Mini, it didn't have any nasty firmware locks preventing me from booting from external media, which meant I had to let it install Mojave BEFORE I could install Catalina.

So a nice, smooth install of Big Sur.

Most of my files are either in git repositories, or in cloud storage, so there's not a lot needs backing up before a clean install.

Seriously reconsidering "I switched to Apple because it Just Works" as a justification. I have other, sound reasons, at least for laptop and devices, but I'm back to jumping through hoops to do simple stuff, like the worst days of Linux.

WHY do I have Microsoft Excel installed on my tight-for-space laptop when a) I use LibreOffice and b) have an Office 365 license (which I can't remember why I got it now) and can use it online.

UPDATE: now in the past tense. That's 2 precious Gb I got back.

So what's the dark grey strip? What mysterious thing is hogging so much of the disc? Same on the Mac Mini I've been trying to upgrade - and am now wiping due to lack of space.


Last night's ratatouille was home-grown barring salt, pepper, and oil.

I mean you could pay $128 for some fucking Kings of Leon crypto crap or you could buy my album for a fiver. I dunno, it’s up to you I guess.

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