I don't really like Signal. I don't like Telegram either. Wire is acceptable, but also clunky. It kinda sucks that people have to basically choose and commit to one app with all of their contacts now, if IM apps were federated like e-mail and Mastodon you could just keep talking to your friends from wherever.

#Privacy is a basic #HumanRight. Let's makes everyone take care of theirs! Start by using encrypted email & calendar: tutanota.com/

This cockatoo is not impressed that the crimson rosella is getting fed almonds. The rosella knows to sneak in behind.


I mean... the hard truth that no one wants to admit in America is that a lot of people don't mind being exploited for the sake of convenience.

People know how bad Google, FB, Twitter, etc are when it comes to respecting their rights. They don't care. Why? B/c it's easy.

Being more responsible for your online persona means learning more and putting in a bit more effort to stay on top of it.

Most people just don't care.

Google's popularity is reflection of our national attitude towards work

rearranged the cupcakes; now I can't eat them without breaking the pattern. #damn

I was wrong about Google and Facebook: there’s nothing wrong with them (so say we all)


It’s always difficult admitting you’re wrong. But sometimes you have to in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. So, today, I admit that I was wrong about Google, Facebook, & surveillance capitalism in general being toxic for our human rights and democracy … it simply cannot be true given how they are endorsed by some of the most well-respected organisations in the world.

v0.8.0 will be shipping soon! 🚀

- Mobile APIs
- Improved federation
- Stories
- MicroUI


I've been watching the announcements coming out of CES, and I'm torn. I love the idea of smart homes, cars, and devices. The problem here is that Google and Amazon are dominating that market, and neither have any respect for personal privacy. I want projects like Mycroft to compete here, but they're not even a blip on the radar right now. Right now, it looks like winner of the battle between the two titans will control our information in the future. We don't get a say.

Have you guys heard of this website called "Twitter"? It's like Mastodon but it has a bird and they call toots "tweets"?? Is this legal???

Hah, discourage birds from eating your tomatoes by decoying with Xmas baubles. I wonder if this would work? @scarydan ? growingagreenerworld.com/ultim

alright now we're getting into 'should be asleep' zone


NY thoughts (-) 

I stood out on my driveway and could see fireworks in the distance in several directions. Could hear way more than I could see.

Kind of sad to be spending it alone.

But this one is kneading the hell out of my right now in compensation.

Goodbye 2018. Happy new year. Believe in yourselves.


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