Hi Everyone, my name is Chris and I'm from WA. I live by the beach about 40 min north of Perth. We moved from Newcastle to Karratha in 2011 and enjoyed life in Pilbara for 4 years until a change in work saw us move to Perth. I now work FIFO as a maintenance superintendent based in Port Hedland and love working in the Pilbara, its rugged landscape, extremely hot climate and the timelessness keep me working there. Having moved to open source a while ago Mastadon is an attractive alternative.

@gorms Hi Chris! Welcome to mastodon.

That’s an awful lot of personally identifiable information in your first toot. It’s so specific that I’m worried someone could use it for nefarious purposes.

It may be best to delete that toot but it’s up to you. What’s the Pilbara and what do you mean by timelessness?

@POTATO_UP_MY_BUTT Hi Terry - I'd appreciate some feedback on the sort of information I should remove thanks. The Pilbara is a region is in WA

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