Another beautiful day for a walk in sunny Brisbane.
Here's an old photo of the Stefan skyneedle. I think I framed this in interesting way especially compared to whats on google. Maybe Ill try again one day, probably not.

If a friend of ours is happy, we’re more likely to be, too.
Candid Photo of LTL Kungfu Performer.

Maybe if we all had a little kiss from a bird then we wouldn't be such assholes

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We love freedom 1, the freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish. Boost this post to share this freedom! And, if you are able, please participate in our biannual appeal for #UserFreedom via:

I never published these images because they're not very good but I like them because they're real and have a tiny hint of magic.

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I havent shot a portrait in a long time but today Pooja and I had some fun.

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A great way to fund the GNU Project, and promote computer user freedom at the same time, is by purchasing merchandise from the GNU Press shop. Beat the heat with GNU summer swag: #UserFreedom

When you visit the museum at south brisbane it will look exactly like this.

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In our latest update on the Freedom Ladder campaign, we're sharing what we learned in our mission to create introductory free software resources that keep people moving forward to full software freedom.

I was re-watching the matrix and they said the spoon doesn't exist, hopefully spooning is real

If I was a bird, would that make you a bird too? 🦆 🐥 🦃

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