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Hi, I'm Benjamin, but some of my friends call me Wings. I'm a sysadmin for a living, and my hobbies include coding, distributed storage, blogging and tinkering with my home lab. I also game, walk, play board games and go to meetups. New to Mastodon, old to the internet. Hello!

Homelab / sysadmin 

Hello world! I've been working on some fun stuff - mostly automation related. Hope to be posting blogs again soon and continuing on my adventures. Big thing is a MooseFS playbook for automatically creating and maintaining MooseFS clusters, which I'm finally finishing up and publicising.

I also got an Xbox Series X, but next to the comfy PJs that seems unimportant.

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Today I bought pyjamas, and they were comfy. Today was a good day.

when you download an image from the web these days, instead of a PNG or a JPEG, you get one of these new formats which is 8% more efficient, not compatible with any "pre-covid software" and has a name which sounds like

High Information Format Format
j-eggings Layer 6
ProRes ProxyGold (Grain Profile)
Radiance XML
WebX 2000

Traditional American jobs:

- fur trapper
- adulterer
- person injured in a sled crash
- fence whitewasher
- unemployed farmer
- sea captain driven to madness
- disillusioned journalist
- gold rush prospector
- southern lawyer
- catcher in the rye
- cowboy with a dark secret
- Jay Gatsby

What Musk has done is akin to a normal person agreeing to waive all inspection contingencies in order to buy a house, signing a contract on the house while publicly proclaiming “I’m going to fix this place up from the dump it is now,” then deciding during the closing period that the house is too much of a dump and demanding to be let out of the contract while personally attacking the seller.

First world problems - My home lab is no longer below the noise floor of my apartment without the 3 GPUs near it whirring away and making lots of white noise.

Blergh, time to move away from Gmail? And two of my machines are starting to need fan replacements. Blergh.

Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June:

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

Just found this project that is digitizing old shellac records now in the public domain. You can listen on the site with their neat digital record player or download the flac files.

pic of me, ec, alc, boost appreciated 

happy day of norway or whatever. I'm getting gin and tonics, that's what matters.

Turned off my 3 tiny GPU mining rigs today. Mixed feelings, but happy to hear how quiet the apartment is without them running.

Selfie ec boost appreciated 

Morning alphabet mafia ;***

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