I really like the card game Coup with my kid who is 9. What is a similar game that is playable with just both of us when mum just wants a cup of tea and not to be involved?

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I(/Santa) got him one of the Coup sequels but minimum players is 3.

@TechnicalKO there's a handful of good card/board game peeps on Twitter but I reckon the more eclectic stuff might have fans here.

@geordie @TechnicalKO did the political aspect of Coup appeal specifically, or are you just after good 2p card games?

@geordie Guillotine is a fun two player (or more) drafting game. Published by Wizards of the Coast which which may count against it.. ages 12+, mainly for mild adult themes of politics/beheading, the game is easy enough itself

@froosh oooh interesting! We're both big MTG fans so WoTC is fine.

@geordie Haven’t played Coup, but the two-player games towards the light end of the spectrum that we have played recently are: Starship Catan; Wingspan; Quacks of Quedlinburg; That’s Pretty Clever; The Taverns of Tiefenthal; Qwixx.

@geordie And (you didn’t ask this but to others who are listening) the heavier stuff that I play two-player are: Terraforming Mars; Ora et Labora; Through the Ages; The Rivals for Catan; Race for the Galaxy; Gentes; Underwater Cities.

@geordie My kids (one a boy of 8) like to play a card game called 'love letter'. It's best played with 3 or 4, but can be played by 2. It's easy to learn, but very replayable. It's based on the idea of medieval court intrigue, with different cards representing barons, knights, etc each with a particular strength or weakness. We find it lots of fun.

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