It’s important if you are working from home to remember you can eat as many Digestives as you want because they are healthy on the other side.

@geordie vitally important you steal all the whiteboard markers on the way out.

@twiddlekins Not only am I a consultant, I'm also a stereotype. I have my own whiteboard markers, I take over a small meeting room as "my office", and answer questions with "depends..."

@daedalus @twiddlekins *wince*
Let’s walk through the options. There’s a few choices here dependent on appetite for investment.

@geordie @twiddlekins We need innovative disruption, but it needs to be low risk.

@twiddlekins @daedalus Nah we don't do that, it's a huge part of why I work there. We expressly send people out as individuals or pairs to solve discrete problems. There's no advance party for a roving horde of contractors to type for months. Most my gigs are 8/12 weeks, not 3 years and 14 staff.

@twiddlekins @daedalus we also have no offshore capability to flog for half the onshore rate and an eighth of the capability.

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