Suspended on birdsite for racisms towards white men.

@geordie I am really sorry. But also birdshite is absolute nazi-enabling trash.

@geordie I said “sorry” but actually I’m laughing quite a lot because, as the author of the offending tweet, I am not banned.

@geordie I just knew you'd be over here shitposting about it 😂

@geordie did you make a nazi cry? that's the real racism, you know.

@geordie did you recreate GordyPls, or did they give it back minus all your tweets and followers?

@ktxby that's just how it looks when you're canned.

@geordie Look it really was about time, your antiwhite sentiment was getting out of hand

@geordie I came over here just to check you were OK. Twitter is not right without you.

@jodiem LOL I'm fine. I clicked the button thing to appeal but Twitter's gonna Twitter. Maybe they reinstate me, maybe they don't.

Only concern I have at all is some people think I've blocked them because if you try and follow a suspended user it says they've blocked you, I haven't, but I can see people discussing that I have (just can't Tweet back at them)

@geordie I hope they get their shit together soon. And it's not like a 12 hour sin bin thing that Snarky got, it's an actual suspension. Someone I know who was suspended for copyright things recently took 6 weeks and lots of effort to get back.

@jodiem yeah that bit seemed weird. This is the literal only trouble in 10 years that I've got into from Twitter, and it's an outright whack rather than getting put in the naughty corner.

@geordie yeah. I just reckon there is a right wing troll discord or redit out there organising pile-ons of reporting. Well that's the only way I can fathom it happening :)

@geordie I am so sorry you got suspended on bird site. People complained. We keep forgetting the lesson of how a company might not really care re the finer points of user ethics

@jennylmackinnon is what it is. I’ve appealed and will find out what happens when I get to the top of the queue I guess.

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