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I'm Geordie. That's my name, I'm not "a geordie" because if that was my name and a thing I was it'd be really weird. Late 30s, cishet (he/him), love basketball and go to all Sydney Kings home games with my wife and 7 year old kid. I live in the North Shore are of Sydney in Australia. I love cooking, especially for my family, and I work in cloud tech. I joined Mastodon to have a more chill experience with more real people.

I’d be very thankful if you tagged your NFL toots today as i am recording saints and rams and looking forward to it after work.

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@TechnicalKO @mike @geordie anyway I got a very small yield, but nice paneer for a tomato & onion gravy curry :)

Mother in law is teasing Mr. 7 who is getting upset by it and then mother in law gets angry at Mr. 7 and I am about to lay down some dad law.

My Brain: you need to fart but your mother in law's sitting on the other side of the room, you can do it real quiet though.

My butt:

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Today I listened to a podcast about Magic: The Gathering and a lot of it was about the trans character card and the card designer was trans and the boss she took the idea to has a trans daughter and it talked about all the considerations they had and it was really cool I thought.

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Your friendly local weather bot here! The weather is 'few clouds', with a temperature of 26°C and humidity at 57%. The UV reading is 12.67, the air pressure is 1013hpa, with a 14.4kt wind coming from the northeast. The highest recorded in the period is 27°C.

This evening: 🌧️
Tomorrow morning: ☁
Tomorrow evening: 🌧️

You have an amazing, infectious energy and I want to really call it out and thank you.

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I have friends, peers, and readers on bird site who are like “please come back!”

Fine, I check in again. And it’s still nothing but a waking nightmare of people yelling about politics and daily horrors.

I’m not trying to avoid or deny current events or the awful problems and legacy of my country. I’m trying to get active and do my part.

But I also can’t eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff every second of the day. It’s debilitating.

You, conscious of your impact on the environment: conserves electricity

Me, a well-meaning idiot: boiled the kettle but can't figure out if I want tea, coffee or ovaltine so I just got a glass of chilled water

If there's infinite parallel universes, there's one that during a storm is bright until there's a brief pitch darkness and thunder which sounds like a guy wolf whistling

He was ok, eyes were sore but I guess they make that stuff so it's not hazardous. He was pretty embarrassed though and I haven't seen one of those mounted like that since.

Other dude said hi to me, unzipped, started relieving himself, and as decorum dictates looked forward in a sort of 1000 yard stare. Which is when the deoderiser shot him directly in the eyes with pine scent and he screamed and pissed on himself.

Talking of mace, here's a story. Briefly at Sydney airport they mounted those motion-detecting deoderisers in the gents that spray scent when they detect movement. At eye height. On the urinal wall. I noted this and started weeing a few feet away from it (one long wall, not individual urinals) and was halfway through when someone else came in.

Nicorette QuitMist Spray is a way to quit smoking that is also a way to mace yourself

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