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I'm Geordie. That's my name, I'm not "a geordie" because if that was my name and a thing I was it'd be really weird. Late 30s, cishet (he/him), love basketball and go to all Sydney Kings home games with my wife and 7 year old kid. I live in the North Shore are of Sydney in Australia. I love cooking, especially for my family, and I work in cloud tech. I joined Mastodon to have a more chill experience with more real people.

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genuinely cannot wait to find out if this absolute nonsense works

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The militarisation of Detective Pikachu

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Coming out of quarantine with two permanent cauliflower ears and a broken nose but like, amazing at nunchucks.

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Contains gluten 

Just in time for afternoon tea. With Pana hazelnut & choc spread.

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Assembling IKEA can be really flirty because you can say stuff like “position yourself so you’re stable and comfortable and I’ll screw” in front of your kid and see your wife’s expression.

There's been a "top 1000 songs of all time" on Max for the last couple days and to be honest, pop music is absolutely good for your soul right now.

I sat down to fix my Home Assistant instance because it'd been down all day and it's working now?

I absolutely love FOSS(ish) reboots of old games. I am completely here for it.

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I installed a wifi range extender and now apparently my wife's workout videos don't buffer when she's in the bedroom and she's super happy and grateful and I had not even the slightest idea this was a thing.

There are oats, bran, coconut, pine nuts, almonds and something else I forget...

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Evening folks. Today I made muesli because the rate I am going through it in iso means I cannot afford to buy eight buck bags of the fancy gear. SO I toasted it with brown sugar, cinnamon, leatherwood honey and rice bran oil and scattered it with dried blueberries and currants.

On the bright side I installed a thingo today on the bathroom wall that you keep your toothbrush in and it disinfects it with UV light.

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