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I'm Geordie. That's my name, I'm not "a geordie" because if that was my name and a thing I was it'd be really weird. Late 30s, cishet (he/him), love basketball and go to all Sydney Kings home games with my wife and 7 year old kid. I live in the North Shore are of Sydney in Australia. I love cooking, especially for my family, and I work in cloud tech. I joined Mastodon to have a more chill experience with more real people.

I need to make queso, jalapeño corn bread, Mexican rice and pico de Gallo for a party my wife and kid are going to but I can't go :(

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@geordie A while ago my wife was having a problem with her craft of choice. She explained it to me carefully, and I listened, equally carefully. At the end of the explanation I paused for a time, then said:

"I'll make you a cup of tea."

Her friends have declared this to have been "First Class Husbanding".

So yes, if you can't fix the problem, supply snacks.

She's a lawyer and her boss is allegedly a lawyer but demonstrably an idiot and I can fix none of this. I can supply snacks tho.

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Wife is having a massive problem with her boss at the moment so I bought her salt and vinegar chips. She said "that's very nice but it doesn't help." I know. I can't help you with your boss, I *can* buy chips which is nice. This is what I've got here.


Anyway, that's pretty fucked. How's your Monday?

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Two thirds of the way through I basically gave up. I got 64%, the pass mark is 70%. I'll study some more, then rebook in a few weeks at an in-person testing centre.

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I am squinting at dozens of tables of hypothetical technical requirements, and I keep getting closer to my screen, which annoys the proctor because the web cam is on top of the disconnected monitor, and looks down, and if I get to close to the screen she can't see my mouth. If you keep obscuring your mouth, you fail the exam.

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First thing the proctor does is realise that I have external monitors connected. She requires me to disconnect them, holding the disconnected cables in front of the web cam to show they are out. I have to use the laptop screen, which is so small compared to the externals that the case study and questions don't fit on the same page, so I have to keep switching back and forward between tables of requirements, and multiple choice answers about them.

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I ran the thing beforehand, like you're meant to, that simulates the exam. It tells you your computer is OK for the exam, and you do like a exam with two questions of "dogs or cats?" just to make sure everything works. The experience of the actual exam was totally different.

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Hello fediverse. I'm very cross because I sat, and failed, an exam today in a subject that I'm a professional expert in. There was one area I didn't study well enough but I should still have been fine, but it was an online exam you do from home and it sucked so hard it could suck-start a Norton V4 RR through the exhaust pipe

Anyway time to make the arrabbiata sauce for dinner tonight. Wife is taking kid to the theatre to see Mary Poppins and I dropped them off, I was close enough to the fish markets that I was able to get bugs so I'm doing those for dinner. Wife adores them, and they're too expensive or unavailable outside of the actual fish markets.

Maybe I should've tried to 3D print whatever the fuck that tool is.

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I really wanted to find that... thingo... that dentists wear that is like sunglasses or a visor but not really and specific to dentists. They wear it because that light is so full-on.

Rich people fucking ruin everything. Whatever I think he looked cool, and my personal goal? That the glasses made it to the end of the day still functional? Nailed. Got my soldering on good.

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SOME motherfucker is going to treat this like it's the parent's competition not the kids. Sure enough, he gets home and he wasn't even top 10. The winners? Three kids got together and their mothers custom sewed Harry Potter costumes as Harry, Ron and Hemoine. Then they constructed a minature Hogwarts Express which they carried around them, so they were not only the Harry Potter characters, but they were even on the train.

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He said "I'm going to win for sure!" My heart sank a bit. He goes to a private school because we can afford it and it's a great education. Obviously there are people at the school who didn't carefully plan their finances to send their one kid to a private school, they just sent their five kids to the best school they could find then drove around in their Porsche Maccans or whatever it is genuinely rich people do.

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My 10 year old boy Patrick wanted to go as The Demon Dentist which is apparently the protagonist in a book he particularly enjoyed. Ok, demon, and dentist, you got this G. I went and got a labcoat and splatter blood from a costume shop as well as white hair spray. I got sunglasses from a Dollar Shop and fitted red LEDs in them and wired them to a battery pack and switch, carefully soldering everything. He was pretty stoked.

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