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I'm Geordie. That's my name, I'm not "a geordie" because if that was my name and a thing I was it'd be really weird. Late 30s, cishet (he/him), love basketball and go to all Sydney Kings home games with my wife and 7 year old kid. I live in the North Shore are of Sydney in Australia. I love cooking, especially for my family, and I work in cloud tech. I joined Mastodon to have a more chill experience with more real people.

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With the debate over #Microsoft #Windows vs #GNU #Linux raging on, I look at why Windows is unquestionably the top choice in the foreseeable in terms of ease, #accessibility, and #ethics. Noble as #FOSS advocacy is, can it really compete, especially among #women, going forward?

I have tuna steaks. I have rubbed them with Japanese pepper and desiccated orange rind and sesame oil. They will be pan fried and served with steamed greens dressed with ponzu.

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I am in Bathurst, on our way back from Orange to Sydney. Most of the tension in my shoulders has gone from the weekend away.

When my face falls off I am meant to stay out of the sun.

She washed my face twice with something and used hot towels in between and that was amazing? Then she dremmeled my face with what seemed like a dentist drill and waxed my eyebrows which was acutely less relaxing.

I am not permitted to shave tomorrow. I have been warned I will shed my face off starting Saturdayish. I have been assured this is all normal.

I have had the facial. It was the most awesome/traumatic thing ever.

I have booked a facial. I have not had one before.

I spend more time at doctors getting lost prescriptions replaced than I ever do because I’m actually sick.

Facebook’s community standards specifically allow you to photoshop an asshole on a politician.

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My favorite passive aggressive thing to do with co-workers is after they ask for the same email for the third fucking time I simply attach both previous emails to the new email and tell them to check the attachments.

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if you've never configured and compiled your own kernel, kernel configuration is simultaneously way easier and way more obnoxious than you'd ever expect

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the two types of dungeon; sex and "regular"

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It wouldn’t be so bad if the frozen roti canai didn’t exclusively come in packets of a fucking million.

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